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I’ve Accepted My Fate – Sacked Kano Emir Speaks



Abdulkadir, former Emir of Kano accepts his fate

One of the five first-class Emirs, whose emirates were dissolved in Kano state, Alhaji Aliyu Ibrahim Abdulkadir, has said that he sees his removal from the position as an act of God.

Abdulkadir, who was the Emir of Gaya, told BBC Hausa that he has no plan to challenge it in court. 

He said; “Nobody will feel happy about this development, but it is Allah that made you [on the throne], and everything has time.

“Allah has predestined that this would happen long before we were born, therefore we do not hold a grudge against anybody. It is the will of Allah and we have accepted it wholeheartedly.”

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Abdulkadir added, “This is how God wanted it, and it must be done that way. We have no intention of going to court. We have accepted it in good fate. We thank Allah.”

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