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Falana Tells NASS How To Resolve Minimum Wage Crisis



Falana Rivers lawmakers

Renowned Human Rights lawyer, Femi Falana, SAN, has called on the National Assembly to expedite the passage of a new National Minimum Wage Act, drawing parallels with the swift enactment of the National Anthem Act last week.

In a press release on Sunday, Falana emphasized that the National Minimum Wage Act 2019 has expired, and a review is long overdue. He cited Section 3(4) of the Act, which stipulates that the national minimum wage expires after five years and must be reviewed in accordance with the Act’s provisions.

Falana noted that the current national minimum wage of N30,000, which was fixed in 2019, has expired, and the Federal Government’s proposed wage award of N48,000 is inadequate. He pointed out that some state governments, like Lagos and Edo, have already announced higher minimum wages of N70,000.

The lawyer urged the National Assembly to take prompt action, just as they did with the National Anthem Act, to pass a new National Minimum Wage Act that reflects the current economic realities and meets the demands of Nigerian workers. He emphasized that the ongoing indefinite strike by the Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress is a result of the Federal Government’s failure to pay a realistic new minimum wage.

Falana’s call to action comes as the National Assembly leaders have reportedly intervened in the planned strike, highlighting the need for a swift resolution to the impasse.
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