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Dead People Abroad Enjoying More Electricity Than Those Living In Nigeria – Online Video




A thought-provoking video has been making the rounds on social media, highlighting the stark difference in electricity provision between Nigeria and other countries. In the video, a Nigerian man living abroad takes viewers on a tour of a cemetery, showcasing the well-lit graves and surroundings.

The man’s commentary is what makes the video truly poignant. He can’t help but wonder why the deceased in foreign countries enjoy reliable electricity, while the living in Nigeria struggle with power outages and inadequate supply. His comparison serves as a scathing critique of Nigeria’s electricity infrastructure and the need for improvement.

Watch the video below;

The video has sparked a lively online discussion, with many Nigerians sharing their own experiences and frustrations with the country’s power sector. It has also raised questions about the priorities of the government and the need for greater investment in essential services like electricity.

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