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Elderly Carpenter’s Life Lifted With N1.5m From Nigerian Footballer Victor Boniface



An elderly carpenter who recently went viral due to his struggles has received a generous donation of N1.5m from Nigerian footballer Victor Boniface. The carpenter’s plight came to light after a good Samaritan shared a touching video of him struggling to carry out his work, prompting an outpouring of support from netizens.

The video, which quickly went viral, caught the attention of Victor Boniface, who was moved to act. He reached out to the young man who shared the video and sent a total of N2 million, specifying that N1.5 million should go to the elderly carpenter and N500,000 to the young man for his kindness and efforts in bringing the carpenter’s situation to light.

This incredible act of kindness has melted the hearts of many, who have taken to social media to applaud Victor Boniface for his compassion and generosity. The donation has given the elderly carpenter a new lease on life, providing him with a chance to live more comfortably and continue his work with dignity. reports that the gesture by the young man who brought the situation of the elderly carpenter to light and the disposition of Victor Boniface is seen as the true Nigerian spirit of being your brother’s keeper.
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