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More Shocking Revelations About Nigerian Organ Harvester As Female Escapee Speaks (Video)



Rachel speaks of her ordeal with late Andrew Amaechi

In a shocking development, Rachel, one of the ladies who escaped from the deceased alleged organ harvester, Andrew Amaechi, has shared her horrifying experience while countering a friend of Andrew. 

Rachel shared her horrifying experience in a live session with media personality, Daddy Freeze, activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, and Andrew’s friend, Mr. Ben.

The video of the interview which has gone viral on Social Media captured the distraught Rachel recounting how Andrew threatened to kill her and take out her organs. 

She revealed that he said he would make it look like he was carrying out a ritual. She went on to reveal that he took out sharp knives in a bid to carry out his threat.

“He said he was going to remove my organs, head… so that people will think he used me for rituals.

“He brought out two sharp knives with a wrapped nylon. He said he wanted to remove my liver, kidney,…”

Pushing back at claims of stealing from Andrew as made by his friend, Rachel asked why Mr. Ben is always the one he runs to with chats for everything. 

She also stated that she never stole from Andrew and further revealed that she had saved another girl identified as Amaka, from falling for the deceased’s antics.

She also admitted to being the one in the video Andrew sent to Ben, adding that the deceased also sent him doctored chats. 

Recounting how they met, she said they started chatting on Facebook and she always went to him for advice. They decided to meet after Andrew told him he was coming to Nigeria for his mother’s birthday party. 

She disclosed that Andrew invited her over and gave her N50,000 as transport. While trying to give her friends real-time updates on her whereabouts, Andrew allegedly attacked her and seized her phone. He also reportedly told her that she could only leave his house al!ve if she did what he wanted.

Watch video below 👇

The shocking revelations made by Rachel have since sent shills and sparked reactions across Social media, with the majority calling for the arrest of Mr Ben.

See some reactions gathered by

lynda_chude said, $The man on blue is not making any sense, only just gaslighting this girl.”

aribisala_dura said, “Ben should be reported to the UK authority for thorough investigation. We can petition him. Why is he the one all the morbid things are sent. He denied he was the one but later in the conversation, he was talking to show he is the one.”

deltakulture said, “Why haven’t they Arrested this man in blue! An accomplice, aider and abetter!”

iamclickmatic said, “This man group are watching this girl why she go show her face in the first place dis daddy freeze nah warey make dem arrest all of them self.”

qzola_yoghurts_parfaits said, “I don’t trust the guy on blue, he’s a suspect.”

ebubeshane said, “This Ben is scared and knows someone has Andrew phone with information about him. Andrew was out to bully, and k*ll women because his parents abandoned him for adoption. They should search Andrew phone and his laptop. He is not acting alone.”

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peter.hitnaija said, “This girl is bold her at all costs! protect.”

ritawilliamscakes said, “CS, make una cool down and get the real gist before commenting. This gal is not his last victim. She jumped from his house and broke her leg trying to escape and police was involved she was settled and was telling her story and people didn’t believe her until his final victims.”

flair_cultural_cottage said, “Mr Ben should be investigated. He is a suspect too…”

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