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Nigerian Women Protest ‘Husband Snatching’ In State Capital (Video)

By Gideon Ayeni



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A viral video has emerged online showing a group of women in Asaba, Delta State, protesting against the phenomenon of “husband snatching”. The women, carrying fliers and posters, can be heard chanting “enough is enough” and threatening to expose those who engage in the practice.

The protest, which took place in a local market, has sparked a heated debate on social media, with some commending the women for taking a stand against this perceived threat to their marriages and relationships. Others, however, have expressed reservations, questioning the approach and effectiveness of the protest.

Watch the video below;

The issue of “husband snatching” has long been a topic of discussion in Nigerian society, with some women accusing others of luring their husbands away or engaging in romantic relationships with married men. The protest in Asaba appears to be a response to this perceived problem, with the women demanding an end to the practice and warning those who engage in it to desist.

While the protest has garnered significant attention online, it remains to be seen whether it will lead to any tangible change or if it will spark a wider conversation about relationships, marriage, and gender dynamics in Nigerian society.

Read some netizens reactions below;

@kingkhone4real: Embrace polygamy and enjoy your life

@ayokay13: Has it gotten to this point?

@omotolani: Nothing we no go see lol

@thejoades: women supporting women.

@sotybrave: They are not serious

@chuxenyi: After driving their husbands out with bad character, they’re blaming sidechicks that her doing their jobs for them 🤣

@chunlidamil: If I see ur husband I go snatch am Post me anywhere una like 😁😁At una single age una snatch person own I lie talk true


You’ll never see such rubbish in the North.

Polygamy is to ensure every won belongs to a man NOT a man acquiring several women. With this mentality, women will behave themselves when in such union.

South generally has the highest of unmarried females in Nigeria.

Na wa o🤪
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