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Man Receives Life Sentence For Fatal Stabbing Of Pregnant Woman



Rivers court Speaker

A man has been sentenced to life imprisonment and subsequent preventive detention after stabbing a heavily pregnant woman to death in 2016.

The verdict was announced by the district court in Glostrup, Denmark.

The now 30-year-old man allegedly stabbed the woman 11 times with a knife in a park near Copenhagen and then mutilated a piece of her nose, according to the court’s statement.

Despite the allegations, the man denied the crime, with his defense lawyer intending to appeal against the judgement.

The murder weapon remains undiscovered, and there is no technical evidence, such as fingerprints or DNA, to establish the man’s guilt.

In 2020, authorities employed an undercover investigator as a cellmate of the suspect, who was serving a prison sentence for attempting to murder his ex-girlfriend.

The undercover investigator recorded the man confessing to the killing of the pregnant woman, a revelation that contributed to the court’s decision to find him guilty.

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