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Daniel Regha Schools Wizkid on the True Meaning of Church After Singer’s Controversial Comments



Media personality Daniel Regha has taken Wizkid to task over the singer’s comments about potentially opening a church. Wizkid had suggested that he could start a church if he wanted to, but Regha was quick to correct him, emphasizing that a church is not a business venture and requires a genuine calling from God.

Regha clarified the distinction between a social gathering and a religious congregation, pointing out that a church is a sacred institution, not a casual get-together. He also called out Wizkid for his inconsistent stance on Christianity, noting that the singer often posts “Jesus is King” but then makes light of the religion. Regha urged Wizkid to show respect for all religions and not mock them.

“Wizkid, a church isn’t a business, you can’t start one even if you wanted to (unless called by God). There’s a difference between a get-together and a religious gathering. Every time you post ‘Jesus is King’ but then make a mockery of Christianity. You all won’t disrespect other religions like this,” Regha wrote.

Regha’s response has sparked a lively debate on social media, with many agreeing that a church requires a deeper level of commitment and spiritual calling than just a casual interest.
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