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Man Confronts Agent After Being Forced Out of Home Due To Flood (Video)

By Gideon Ayeni



Bayelsa Flood

A shocking video has emerged online, showing a man standing in chest-deep water, lamenting his situation after being forced to evacuate his apartment in Ago Palace, Lagos, due to severe flooding. The man’s anger and frustration were directed at his agent, who he accused of selling him a faulty property and collecting an agent’s fee despite knowing the building’s vulnerabilities.

The video showed the man standing in the flooded apartment, gesturing to the waterlogged surroundings, and confronting the agent, saying, “See the house you sold to us after collecting an agent’s fee!” The man’s emotional outburst highlights his desperation and helplessness in the face of the flood disaster that struck Lagos on Wednesday.

Watch the video below;

The incident has sparked outrage and concern among online users, who criticized the agent’s alleged negligence and the lack of accountability in Nigeria’s real estate sector. The flooding in Ago Palace, Lagos, has affected many residents, but this man’s story has resonated with many who have experienced similar situations.

Read some netizens’ reactions to the fate of the Lagos man following the flooding in the mega city;

@activeplayboi: Now maybe we can talk about those agent fees and other things they do

@energy: Sending prayers to everyone going thru all this

@uzoma: This is heartbreaking

@mpiredivine: Ah… That’s why it’s sometimes advisable to get house in Lagos during rainy season. Agents will never tell you of such issues. Most parts of Lagos are prone to flooding unfortunately. The poor drainage management is not helping matters too. 😳🤦🏾‍♂️😭😭😭

@gloriachukwudi: This is the best time to look for house,you go know where water dey enter.Lagos nawa.
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@nelson: Wow….
Sorry man🙆

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