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Edo PDP: When Decency Takes A Flight

By Senator Ehigie Uzamere



Uzamere APC

Agha rumwunde oghionmwan rue aro, aimien aro naya ghe osiomwan” – Benin proverb 

Translated literally, it means when you blind your eyes because you don’t want to see your enemy, you won’t have sight to see your friend. Extending this, whatever you do out of hatred for your enemies or opponents, boomerangs to affect you, your friends and your associates. He who pins a child to the ground is also on the ground.

It is rather unfortunate that the brand of politics we play today is such that has refused to rise above selfish self, unbridled envy and hatred. What should matter to the political class? Exacting a pound of flesh or enthroning good leadership for the benefit of citizens?

Rather than reel out to the citizens of Edo State what their preferred candidate will do if voted into office, they’re busy celebrating a phantom victory. Many of us live in denial of nemesis. But nemesis awaits all who betray their benefactors. If it doesn’t hit you directly, your children will suffer the sins of your betrayal.

We patiently wait for the certified true copy of today’s judgement. Tomorrow is almost here.

Senator Ehigie Uzamere represented the Edo South Senatorial Zone between 2007 and 2015.

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