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Kudos, Knocks For Toyin Abraham As Twitter Influencer, Ayo Is Released



Twitter influencer Ayo, whose arrest was allegedly instigated by actress Toyin Abraham over alleged defamation and cyberbullying, has been released. The news came after an intense online campaign for his release.

Earlier, popular activist VeryDarkMan gave Toyin Abraham a 24-hour ultimatum to release Ayo, which was met with widespread support from the online community. Just hours later, reports surfaced on social media confirming Ayo’s release.

Fellow Twitter influencer Abazz broke the news on his X page, expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to Ayo’s release. “Big Ayo is free. Thank you everyone 🙏🏻❤️” he wrote.

The arrest and subsequent release of Ayo have sparked a wider conversation about online harassment and the limits of free speech. While some have praised Toyin Abraham for taking a stand against bullying, others have criticized her for allegedly abusing her power and silencing critics.

Read some netizens’ reactions below;

Bayo Otedola“Bad guys no dey sleep for where dem no suppose sleep 💪🏾”

Femi: “Thank God for social media, twitter especially”

Bella Christopher“Now that he’s out, should we go and start taking back the mails we sent about her movies and others? Just because of this boy matter I can’t get a proper head, ahh finally thoo”

Hanteywhite“The next person might not be lucky. Let’s know the difference between insult and defamation.”

Bilal_utd: “Don’t mention , he shouldn’t do it again too”

Incredible“Thank you everyone God bless as many that made this possible. Nigeria will be great again”

As the situation continues to unfold, one thing is clear: the power of online activism and community cannot be ignored.
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