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Obasanjo On Reports He Fled: I Dey Kampe

Expresses Concern On Pre Stamped Ballot Papers In Kano




Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has rebuffed social media claims that he has fled the country as he Friday urged Nigerians to rise to the occasion and set the Saturday election as a defining point for the country’s democracy.

He nevertheless expressed concern over reports that already stamped ballot papers were available in Kano and Ondo States.

Dismissing claims that he had travelled out of the country, Obasanjo who had taken position against President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term aspiration on the basis of alleged incompetence while speaking to reporters in Abeokuta, said: “why should I travel out the country before the elections. 

“If not for anything, I believe I should be here to perform my civic responsibility tomorrow, saturday, and March 2, which is to vote according to the dictate of my heart.

“Those who are carrying that type of rumour or fake news; I leave them in the hand of God; I am used to that kind of a thing. In Yoruba land, if your head is hard, you don’t have to worry yourself. Let anybody tell lies against you, let anybody issue fake news against you, let anybody abuse you, God will deal with them, rightly and appropriately 

“I believe that tomorrow should be a red letter day for Nigerians; a day when we should be able to say we have firmly stabilized our democracy. Although for me, I still have some apprehensions. If the news of the already thumb printed ballot papers in Kano, yesterday; I have received news in Ondo today; and i have received in Ikorodu (Lagos State) today, if these are true, we have not had these kinds of things before. I don’t want to say oh! Have I not told you? But it is sad if they are true. May be, INEC will tell us how did this happen.” 

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