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Yahaya Bello’s Spokesman Wants Investigation Of Assassination Claim

By Our Reporter



Kogi Okunland Fanwo

Yahaya Bello’s spokesman, Kingsley Fanwo has alleged a plot to assassinate him on account of his commitment to promoting what he claims as the successes of the incumbent administration in Kogi State.

Reacting to what he claimed as a failed assassination attempt against him, Fanwo said the plot to kill him was mainly because of what he had done to expose “the corruption that almost killed the state for 13 years.”

He alleged that his official vehicle and driver were attacked while returning from a trip to Lokoja from Kogi West.

The claim by Fanwo has been received as an irony against the background of claims that his boss had in the past run his political adversaries including his predecessors out of town.

“It is unfortunate that those who accuse others of violence without proof are now after my life. I have touched their corrupt sore and they are responding violently.

“I will remain unbroken and more committed to the task of reshaping Kogi by reporting Government activities and rallying our people behind the truth as represented by the Governor Yahaya Bello Administration.

“The unfortunate attack on my vehicle is a mark of cowardice by those who have lost the debate and now resorting to violence. They told the world the Governor has done nothing and now that we have told the world what the Governor is doing, now that the people have spoken on what government has done for them, they are now trying to reign terror on the purveyors of the good the GYB Administration has done”.

“I will appreciate if our law enforcement agents can look into the attack with the aim of bringing the perpetrators to book. A PDP leader had already threatened on a national television last week that they are ready for violence. And this week, violence was waged on me.

“He should be held responsible if anything happens to me or any member of my family and even every member of the GYB Political Family”.

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