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Buhari Has Right To A Private Trip, But You Can Believe What You Like – Presidency



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President Muhammadu Buhari is entitled to a private life and should be allowed such in the course of his trip to the United Kingdom, the presidency declared on Thursday.

Reacting to the brouhaha that has followed his latest trip to the UK, presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina said Nigerians doubtful of the intentions of the president were also free to believe that the president was on a medical trip if it would satisfy them.

Adesina spoke during an interview on Channels Television against the background of mutterings over the secrecy that is attending the latest trip. Critics have also expressed concern that the president was travelling with official trappings of the office of the president including presidential aircraft and security personnel.

“Those who want to interpret everything, those who want to believe all things should just believe what has been released that it is a private trip,” Adesina said.

“When a man goes on a private trip, he has the right to use his time the way he deems because he has a right to a private life. Those who want to believe that it is a medical trip they have a right to believe if it pleases them.”

“President Buhari since December when he launched a presidential campaign (and) all through February he was on campaign stops, he went to 36 states and Abuja.

“The elections came and a lot of people expected that immediately after the election that he would travel out maybe to rest or attend to his health, but two months after the election the president was still working and working vigorously. Elections have been concluded two months now and he just travelled on a private trip,” he said.

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