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Where Are The 200,000 Jobs? Edo PDP Asks Obaseki



The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Edo State has charged Governor Godwin Obaseki to commence the implementation of the new N30,000 minimum wage by month end as it took him to task over his pre-election promise of creating 200,000 new jobs.

In a Workers’ Day solidarity message to workers in the state, the PDP while lauding the contribution of the workforce to productivity said that there was no doubt that workers were relatively better off 11 years ago than now.

The charge from the state chairman of the PDP, Chief Dan Usi Orbih was a rare criticism of the governor from the PDP in a long while.

“Today, May 1, is workers day, and you deserve to take a rest. Your work will still be there when you get back. Take a breather. Give yourself a pat on the back for all you have accomplished. The new minimum wage is just one of the many battles won. Congratulations.” 

“We believe you deserve more, better pay and better conditions of service. We use this occasion of workers day to implore the Edo State government to immediately start the payment of the new minimum wage of N30,000.00.

“With the huge resources available to the state government, the monthly allocation from the federation account and IGR from both conventional taxes and unconventional taxes and levies, EDSG should have no excuse not to start the implementation by month end. A PDP state government would not delay a day! 

“As you listen to the state government beat its chest and reel out unsubstantiated figures of its achievement in employment and infrastructural development, ask yourself if we are indeed better off today than we were 11 years ago when this government and party was enthroned by the courts. 

“Be wary as the government will dish out more promises again as we approach another governorship election. Remember the unfulfilled promises they made to workers in 2016 during the campaigns.   Kindly ask about the 200,000 Jobs promised. 

“EDO people have been deceived and mismanaged state resources has placed a huge debt burden on the state. 

“Expectedly, the APC State government has failed to address the challenges of our workers. On this special day of workers celebration, I dare to say that Edo workers have nothing good to celebrate. Today is a day of sober reflection of the plight of workers in the state. Edo PDP is in sympathy with our neglected and poorly paid workers. 

“The government must understand that “without  labor nothing prospers.” 

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