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Kokori: Ngige Stirs Trouble In Delta APC

By Our Correspondent



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Chris Ngige has wobbled into another controversy as he is being accused by the Delta State chapter of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC of dividing their ranks through his attempt to surreptitiously replace party veteran, Frank Kokori as chairman of the Nigerian Social Insurance Social Trust Fund, NSITF.

For reasons yet to be adduced Ngige, minister of Labour, Employment and Productivity is alleged to have for more than a year refused to have inaugurated the NSITF board. He has not given a reason, but it is suspected that he does not want Kokori, a veteran labour leader and APC leader in Delta State as chairman of the NSITF board. The minister had recently tried to move Kokori to the less prestigious board of the Michael Imodu Labour Institute, a move that has been fiercely resisted by the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC and elements of the APC in Delta State.

Ngige’s choice to replace Kokori on the NSITF board, Austin Onajemo-Isire was on Thursday morning denounced as unknown to the party in Delta State.

The Delta State chapter of the party in a statement on Thursday accused Ngige of sponsoring a commendation of his move by a former party official, Cyril Ogodo. Ogodo had commended the move by Ngige to the displeasure of the mainstream of the party in the state.

Rejecting Dr. Ngige’s move, the director of communication of the state chapter of the APC, Nick Ovuakporie, in a statement obtained by said:

“for reasons best known to Dr. Ngige, he has consistently refused to inaugurate the NSITF board for over a year and it was therefore shocking when news started making the rounds that Dr. Ngige has concluded plans to inaugurate one Mr. Austin Enajemo-Isire as Chairman of the board of NSITF in flagrant disregard/disobedience to the directive of Mr. President who appointed Chief Frank Ovie Kokori to the board of NSITF in the first place. We honestly believe that this dubious attempt by the Minister does not have the blessing of Mr.  President.

Ngige Does Not Want The Veteran Labour Leader Kokori At The A Grade Parastatal

“It was therefore not surprising about the furore which accompanied the news of the above mentioned purported appointment/replacement of Chief Frank Kokori, particularly by the leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC)  who sent a clear signal to Dr. Chris Ngige of their stiff opposition against any attempt to alter the appointment of  Chief Frank Ovie Kokori. Hence the hasty retreat by the Minister of Labour and Employment, who has now engaged in image laundering and face-saving media accolades and attacks, being carried out by Dr. Chris Ngige’s friends in APC, Delta State who are hell bent in causing confusion in the Party.

“To put the records straight and for the avoidance of doubt, the Party states as follows:

1. That Chief Frank Kokori is a foundation member of the Party and a pillar of support to the APC family in Delta State. A man of impeccable moral rectitude who has dedicated his entire life to the struggle for the enthronement of true democracy currently being experienced under the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

2. That Chief Frank Kokori is an adherent of the supremacy of the Party/APC Constitution, with respect for constituted Authorities.

3. That Chief Kokori has the requisite technical knowledge,  educational qualification and credentials to be in charge of any government board/parastatal, having obtained a Master degree in Developmental Economics and served as the National/General Secretary of NUPENG for years where he distinguished himself.

“One the other hand, we state without equivocation, that from the findings of our Great Party, Austin Enajemo-Isire’s membership of the APC in Delta State is questionable and shadowy. The implication of his shadowy/questionable membership of the Party is that he has no impact on the Party at his Ward where he is completely unknown to the Party. More so, information available at our disposal, revealed that during the general elections, he was far away in Lagos State where he resides. It is therefore clear that those who are promoting him are doing so for obvious selfish reasons and the Party is not surprised at this, since this group of desperate individuals were also seriously engaged in anti Party activities during the just concluded general elections

“Delta State Chapter of the APC, wants to State that Chief Frank Kokori is a father of the Party, whereas the said Mr. Austin Enajemo-Isire is not known to her. Therefore, the statement of commendation of Dr. Chris Ngige over the purported appointment of Austin Enajemo-Isire does not enjoy the support of APC Delta State and we hereby condemn it in its entirety.

“APC, Delta State wants to salute the Nigerian Labour Congress and other Civil Liberty Organizations for their stance and insistence that the right thing be done by Dr. Chris Ngige, who incidentally was conspicuously absent from the May/Workers Day celebrations for obvious reasons. Nigerians are proud of you! 

“As for those APC members who are out to do the biddings of PDP in Delta State,  we advice them to retrace their ignoble steps. APC is greater than them. The Party should not be pushed to apply the last measure for erring members.” 

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