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8 Month Pregnant Woman Held As Fulani Kidnap Groups Bicker



Fulani OPC gunfire

An eight-month pregnant wife of a kidnapper is at the centre of a fierce dispute that has broken out between two rival Fulani kidnapping gangs in North-Western Nigeria.

In a telephone conversation clip obtained by PRNigeria, a quasi government information clearing body, a member of the gang whose pregnant woman was abducted offered to pay a ransom of N100, 000 for her to be released, while speaking in both Hausa and Fulfulde to a member of the other group.

However, the abductors of the pregnant declined the offer, saying the meagre amount will not even be enough for cigarette-smoking.

“If you are having N100, 000 presently, would you have even think of abducting a pregnant woman?” responded the member of the kidnapping gang whose woman was abducted.

Meanwhile, the gang of the kidnapped pregnant woman had abducted a member of the rival who volunteered the phone number of the group and pleaded with them to release the victim.

They also threatened to burn down the settlement, rustle the cattle and kill the women, children and aged relations of the group that kidnapped their member’s wife, if she is not released within the next 24 hours.

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