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Forgetting Quarrels With Deputies, Okorocha Commends Buhari, Osinbajo Cordiality



Rochas Okorocha at the weekend lauded Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo for working harmoniously with President Muhammadu Buhari describing it as exemplary unlike what happens in other nations.

Okorocha spoke in Owerri when he honoured Vice-President Osinbajo with an award.

However, the governor’s assertion of the exemplary working relationship between the nation’s first two citizens is against the background of the rancour that has existed between Okorocha and his deputies. In his two terms as governor Okorocha has worked with three deputy governors with two of them leaving bitter testimonies of their relationship with him.

Okorocha’s first deputy governor was Jude Agbaso who served until he was allegedly set up for impeachment within two years of their first term.

Eze Madumere who replaced him and had been a longtime political associate of the outgoing governor also fell out with Okorocha. In an interview he said that it would take the state 25 years to recover from Okorocha’s stewardship of the state.

Like Agbaso before him, the Okorocha machine also instigated the impeachment of Madumere who was quickly replaced with Calistus Ekenze. However, the inauguration of Ekenze was stopped by the courts.

Osinbajo was in the state to commission projects undertaken by the Okorocha administration.

Speaking at the ceremony, Okorocha urged elected officials to use the opportunity they have to positively impact upon their people.

He remarked “Let me say that our nation, this nation that we all call ours deserves the very best that each and every one of us can give. Some of us have the privillege to have been elected among millions of our people into positions of leadership and many may not have that opportunity. But, however the cap fits should remember that true greatness, true contributions to our country does not require us to be governors, Presidents or Vice-Presidents. It only requires us to be concerned about the other person”.

The VP further stated, “I must confess that I’m most pleasantly surprised by this award and I must say that if I had known that this conferment of title will take place, I would have been much better dressed. I would have won my best Agbada or Babariga. And I want to thank the Governor for this honour, and of course the government and people of Imo State. This place, Heroes’ Square is a place of immense importance, and a place which I’m certain is going to become even a place of greater historic importance”.

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