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PDP Dares Buhari To Speak On Alleged Third Term Plot



By Chuks Ekpeneru

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Wednesday challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to personally speak on the alleged moves to initiate a third term campaign for him as it accused the presidency of setting an agenda on the issue.

Noting what it alleged as the elevation of internet gossip to official pronouncement, the PDP said the presidency’s response on the issue came after its plot on the issue began to be unmasked.

The PDP’s response followed the Presidency’s denial of the third term ambition.

Buhari’s spokesman, Mallam Garba Shehu had in a statement late on Tuesday ruled out Buhari’s inclination for a third term saying that he would not follow the steps of a former president who tried it.

But alleging mischief on the part of the presidency, the PDP in a statement said: “the statements by the Presidency and the APC as unhealthy ploy to introduce a repugnant issue into official discourse in a bid to give it a life and achieve its fruition in the political arena.”

“The PDP says it is preposterous for the Presidency cabal and the APC to think that Nigerians cannot see through their shenanigan to import and elevate what they labeled as rumor and internet-based gossip, into official national discourse.

“Our party notes that Nigerians will not be surprised when, after the statements by the Presidency and APC, new groups surface to orchestrate more forceful agitations in the public space for the alteration of the 1999 Constitution to achieve an ignoble aim.

“The PDP however cautions the Presidency and the APC to note that Nigerians are already aware of individuals and political interests in the Presidency cabal in addition to known APC agents who are behind the street demonstrations for a third term for President Buhari.

“The party invites Nigerians to note how, having been busted, the presidency cabal and the APC are now groping for ways to cover their trails by making frivolous allegations which directly point back to them.

“The party therefore urges President Muhammadu Buhari to personally speak out and immediately call his supporters to order as Nigerians will never allow anybody, no matter how highly placed, to alter any part of our constitution to serve a selfish interest.

“The PDP insists that this has become imperative in view of the series of constitutional violations and provocative undermining of our laws by the APC and power mongers in the Buhari Presidency.”

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