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Adebutu Explains Why He Won’t Accept More Chieftancy Titles

How Yoruba Monarchs Rallied To Save Osinbajo



Billionaire gaming merchant Sir Adebutu Kessington has said that he is no longer open to accepting chieftaincy titles following the decision of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi to confer him with the prestigious Odole Oodua title.

Speaking during an interactive session with newsmen the gaming king affirmed his cordial relationship with most Yoruba monarchs saying he deployed that relationship on behalf of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo after he recently became the target of a power play in the presidential villa.

According to him the weight and prestige of the Odole Oodua to be conferred on him later in the month made it unnecessary to add any other title to himself.

“Without mincing words, I know the importance of the new title. And for your information, many kings know I won’t take any other chieftaincy title after my coronation as Odole Oodua. They also know its importance.”

“Without sounding arrogant, I humble to say that a lot of the Kabiyesis are my friends. If you notice any of my occasions, all the Kabiyesis are always present. And before I was announced as the recipient of this sacred position which had only been occupied by Oranmiyan, Awolowo and GOK Ajayi, I have been taking steps to ensure there is unity among the Yoruba monarchs not even knowing I was being watched.

“For Instance, when the issue of our son happened, our son the (Vice President Yemi Osibanjo), I have to call the Ooni of Ife, Alake, Akarigbo among others and they all swung to actions in their different capacities.

“If you notice, in Lagos, I am the Asoju Oba and mind you, I am not a Lagosian. So, that is to explain to you that if there is no good rapport between me and the Oba of Lagos, I can’t be conferred the title of Asoju Oba in Lagos. So, all these are signs that I have good rapport with the Yoruba monarchs.” Adebutu said.

“Until politics is made part-time business, I don’t see how we can have peace in Nigeria. When I say part time business, I mean a situation where politicians will only be paid on sitting basis in form of sitting allowance.

“When politicians earn just their sitting allowance there will be no presence of do-or-die politics in Nigeria. Presently, politics in Nigeria is too expensive.

“I just read in the newspaper  that a Governor sacked 250 advisers. If a governor has that much, how many advisers do we have for the whole country. How can a governor have 250 advisers? So, you can see the present system is too expensive.”

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