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First U.S. Presidential Debate Marked With Rancour



By GWG Staff

The first in the series of debates between the two major presidential candidates and their running mates ahead of the United States General Election turned into a rancour late on Tuesday.

The debate which took place in Cleveland, Ohio, (2.00 a.m.) Nigerian time was more like a debate between undisciplined school children that left moderator, Chris Wallace repeatedly calling on the duo to keep to the rules of the debate.

Joe Biden termed President Donald Trump a clown and the worst president in United States history just as Trump dodged the question of condemning White supremacists.

Biden on his part was mostly dodgy and was left confused after Trump brought up the issue of his children benefiting from foreign governments.

None of the two candidates could, however, bring out a killer punch against the other.

Trump insisted that the economy was bouncing again after the COVID-19 lockdown and taunted Democratic governors of wanting to lock down their states in order to project the economy downslide for political benefits against him.

The president was also ill-at ease as concerning his own tax matters and Biden was unable to go for the kill as the president insisted he had paid millions of dollars in personal income taxes.

Trump also sought to defend his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic which he dubbed the China Plague fending off allegations of incompetence on the matter by insisting that far more people died in China than the official records presented.

The feisty debate which was undoubtedly the worst in recent presidential debates was preceded with no handshake between the two combatants.

Trump according to one source caused the more interruptions with at about 73 interruptions. Biden also interrupted the president but was largely without any killer blow in the face of the widely reported character issues identified with the president.

Uncommitted voters looking for direction from the debate would undoubtedly would have been left more confused after the debate given the rancour and lack of attraction from any of the candidates.

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