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Why I Have No Apologies For Role As PDP Spokesman – Metuh



EFCC Cannot force my defection from PDP Metuh

Chief Olisa Metuh has said that he has no apologies over his role in putting the Muhammadu Buhari administration in check in its early days when he served as national publicity secretary the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking when he received a team of visiting journalists in his Abuja residence, Metuh said that the country would have been far better if the injunctions he and the PDP gave at that time were instilled by the administration.

Metuh also said that he saw his travails as a sacrifice for holding on to truth saying that it was his patriotic duty.

Metuh spoke against the background of the decision by the appellate court to quash the sentence passed on him by Justice Abang Okon of the Federal High Court upon the assertion that bias was found in the treatment meted to him by Justice Abang.

Metuh had suffered several health challenges during his trial and Justice Abang had refused his application for bail despite the medica advice by doctors for specialist treatment.

Following the annulment of the sentence passed on him by Justice Abang and the leave given him to seek treatment, Metuh recently returned to the country.

Before the journalists, a delegation of the PDP National Working Committee, NWC had also visited with him to congratulate him on the success of the treatment in the United Kingdom.

Speaking to the journalists, Metuh said:
Metuh said, “it is clear that my travails and ordeals were politically motivated to suppress the voice of the opposition, which I represented then, but I don’t regret any thing I did as opposition spokesperson.

“All I did was in line with my patriotic duty in defending democracy and its tenets which were being assaulted; alerting the nation and cautioning on wrong policies while providing alternative ideas that would help move our nation forward.

“Moreover, my roles, not only as a spokesperson but also as a famed party administrator was prominent in holding our party together, restoring hope in our members and Nigerians in general as well as checking the movement of people from the PDP and the rebuilding of our party after the setback of the 2015 elections.

“Of course there were forces who were not comfortable with my activities and sought to stifle our party. So I was arrested, labeled, handcuffed and paraded like a common criminal; denied access to medical treatment while lies, fabrications and falsehood were published against me.

“In fact, the unproven charge of money laundering was deliberately brought against me solely to tarnish my image, bring me to disrepute in the eyes of Nigerians and divert attention from the issues at stake.

“If you look around today, you will notice that all the issues we cautioned on are happening now. Our nation would not have been in the sorry state if our alternative ideas were considered”, Metuh stated.

While pledging his commitment to strengthen the democratic culture in the country, Metuh, also regretted the condition in the country correctional institutions.

He pledged to under God mobilise resources to help a number of people he said were unnecessarily kept in the correctional institutions because of the inability to access lawyers.

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