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Governor Under Fire For Rallying Support For Buhari



Governor AbdulRhaman AbdulRazaq of Kwara State has come under attack on social media after calling on Nigerians to respect President Muhammadu Buhari for his age and office.

Governor AbdulRazaq who spoke in Ilorin while distributing Ramadan gifts that were styled as “Baba for all” to the less privileged, had described the president as a good “poverty manager.”

According to him, “most of the All Progressives Congress (APC) governors rode on Buhari’s back to power. Though we had our own ‘otoge’ in Kwara but he led the party amiably. So we are not going to sit around and have people denigrate the leader of the country for no just reason. The man has been working.

“He has done exceedingly well and because he would not talk, the opposition is taking advantage of that to pull in down. No we would not allow that.”

However, his comments as published in The Nation drew sharp public reactions from both supporters and critics of the president.

Daniel Balogun @DanielBalogun

Mr. President is not a deity, he is a worker employed by the majority of the people “supposedly” with a contract to carry out public services on behalf of the people. Unfortunately, he has failed at every thing he promised to do. He ought to be sacked & contract terminated.

Abdulhakeem Adetunji Mustapha @_amustapha

Respect is earned and not demanded

20/10/2020 @AbdulKadiirrrr

If there is any one that has been disrespected or ridiculed it is Nigeria and her people! We are not Buhari’s children, he can pick his respect from his wife and children, they have a lot of it to give to him. He should do his damn job!!!!

Lithos @omobomi45

Weyre in disguise. We didn’t vote Buhari to accord him respect, we voted him to perform the duties of a president. If respect is what he wants he should relinquish his position for a village head or become a district emir.

Joconfident_7803 @ImobiJoel

These are the people VP Osinbajo is talking about, they don’t speak truth to power. When they see leaders, they bow down and worship them, praise them, make them feel important, which they are not. Nonsense…..

Capt. Barbosa @CaptBarbosa1

Na because of una mumu this cantry dey where e dey so.. Rubbish!!

Julius Bisong @jbisong67

When no one knows whether Buhari is alive? He doen’t go out, he doesn’t talk to his people? Very soon we will demand his appearance or ask him to hand over power!

zakka ira @zakkaira

It’s now you know that respect should be accorded to the president. But during pres Jonathan every


It shows clearly you don’t cherish the seat you’re currently seating on.

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