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Reactions As Daddy Freeze Hits Ladies On Make-Up



Daddy Freeze

Strong reactions have followed a claim by Daddy Freeze that most women adorn themselves with makeup not to please men but because they are in competition with other women.

Daddy Freeze, who took to his Instagram page to make his observation said that most men, including himself do not care much to see women in professional makeup, artificial lashes and the likes.

According to him “most men either don’t like these things or can’t be bothered”, women still do them.

The pastor who has in the past stirred and continues to stir controversy over his preaching against tithes tagged his live in lover, Benedicta Elechi who he said rarely uses make-up but still remains attractive to him.

While some stars including Uche Elendu strongly disapproved of his comment, most men and including women, some in the make up industry seemed to agree with the controversial pastor.

He had said:


Competition???😲 no they do it to feel good, look good , classy and be trendy, not for men and definitely not for any kinda competition


I do it to feel good . I love to switch my looks


I’m a makeup artist, na true talk.👏


Very true. Some times those heavy makeup and long wigs looks scary but the ladies think it makes them beautiful.


You just helped me pass my message 😂😂😂 that lashes dey vex me die


Accurate now to the economic side of this charade African gave over 5Billion dollar to China on weave alone in 2018


Where is the lie🔥, no lies here. I don’t like make up at all😢


Very True sir. Even when I don’t want my wife to wear those makeup it turns an issue. She knows I don’t appreciate it but she doesn’t care


Some would even cover their beautiful soft lips 👄 with ugly make up color🤮


So due to me having cancer and loosing eyelash and eyebrows and hair from chemo, but it all grew back nicely but not as full as before especially the front of my hair that don’t bother me…however my brows were a mess and I did micro blading to fill the bald spots in for that reason alone PERIOD so not in all cases😂😂 it’s a competition


This is the absolute truth.


Fact spoken 🙌🙌🙌🙌


You didn’t lie


Thanks you sir


💯% that is no lie, thank God l don’t put all those God blessed me with a beautiful face and smile 😊💕🕊🙏


Am doing only makeup bcs of my business oh. Packaging dey help me. As them girls dey enter na so them dey buy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 packaging to the world 😀😀😀😀. But u talk u finally


True that is why i hate makeup


The truest truth!👌✅




This table you are shaking Daddy freeze

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