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How Fans, Foes Forced Tope Alabi To Apologise



Tope Alabi

Celebrated gospel artiste, Tope Alabi has apologized for her condescending comments about the song ‘Oniduro Mi eseun o’  rendered by a younger artiste, Yinka Alaseyori.

The song which literally means God is my guarantor was attacked by Alabi in a video posting where she claimed that God was more than a guarantor saying:

She said: “God is beyond being a guarantor to man. I’m not saying that the song is not beautiful. However, when we receive heavenly inspiration to sing, there are some deliberations we must have with the Holy Spirit before we can bring out such a song.

”If we keep singing the gospel just as the Spirit-inspired, there is the possibility that we all will be singing absurdly. As gospel singers, God has given us the brain to digest, chew, and fully comprehend the inspiration given to us before we bring it to life.”

She was, however, seriously attacked by friends, fans and foes who accused her of envy with many citing biblical references to defend Alaseyori.

In the face of the backlash, Tope Alabi on Friday made a public apology but  GreenWhiteGreen GWG reports how the attacks forced her to apologise.

Fans and friends went to Tope Alabi’s Instagram page to launch attacks on her and not surprisingly, Tope Alabi has locked herself away from making social media comments since the brouhaha and attacks on her.

 GreenWhiteGreen GWG gathered the reactions of fans that pushed her to apologise.


olorun ajanaku vs Oniduro😂😂😂😂 who is the winner? Oniduro ni ooo




Your fans are disappointed!!!!


Oniduro mi e seun oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃


ONIDURO mi e Seun oo agbejoro mi e Seun ooo to ba je eniyan lo duro timi ati salo


That ministration was so uncalled for🤮🤮🤮


The way you you even said it is full of pride


Try to dey support upcoming gospel artists…don’t bring them down, O wrong now.


Oniduro mi eseun o🙏🏿..


Hello people we need to calm down ! AUNT Tope is human being …..LIVE! LOVE ! LAUGH!


Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud !!!!!!!!


Heb 7:22, describe God as our surety (which is a guarantor) pls take time to study this ma, the song doesn’t have any fault to me .


You’re not in position to discredit anyone songs and ability, Live and Let others Live that’s the roles of a great icon and Leader


Oni duroo mi eseun oooo


To think God told my Pastor, that Tope Alabi has derailed from his side. That her songs then, are not the same now, cos there is no more Holy Spirit in her! Yes! Tope Alabi is now carried away with the things of the world! And the video of today, clearly shows it. Madam, retrace your steps back to God! Tomorrow maybe too late. ✌🏽 Oniduro mi E shey ooo!🙏🏽


Olorun wo loni ke gbenusoun???

Olorun loni duro gbogbowa.

He alone is our comforter, our shield, our buckler, our rock, our pillar, our guarantor, our life saver, aakiki tan 🙌🙌🙌


E Pele ooo…the condemner….aunty oloti Jesu…


Mummy e fumble olorun !


@tope_alabi_ you’ve been a blessing to so many. God bless you ma.




@tope_alabi_ ma’am to be very candid you disappointed alot of people today and it’s beginning to look like you’re not the Tope Alabi we used to know in the past. I guess you’re beginning to allow pride in your ministry ma’am. How could you ever condemn someone else’s song in public like that!? If it was your song that was condemned that way, how would you feel ma’am. And you topped it up with saying that the Holy Spirit asked you to shut up when you wanted to sing the song? Ahhh! FYI ma’am, Oniduro mi ni Olorun, He’s my surety, my guarantor, He’s the only one who’ll never disappoint me when others do. I think you need to digest that song very well to understand the lyrics beyond the sweetness it brings to the ears.. ONIDURO MI ESEUN O, BO S’ENIYAN LO DURO NI WA TI MA SORO, BO S’ENIYAN LO DURO NI WA TI SALO, BO S’ENIYAN LO DURO NI WA TI MA SIREGUN, ONIDURO MI ESEUN O! @tope_alabi_ ma’am you sound like you’re starting to jealous and envy the woman because she’s coming to the lime light and you probably see her as a threat to your ministry.. Ko ye ko ri be o. Olorun ni ONIDURO t’eyin na. Take it or take it ma’am! Shalom o


Agbaya niyin ma… @adeyinkaalaseyori is d new vibe in town…


@tope_alabi_ I love you, and I respect you alot ma, your ministrations have helped a lot in my relationship with God, i was so sad when i saw a video of you discrediting another woman’s song, most especially when you know this song is about God! You were so wrong ma!

God is MANY things to MANY people, we can NEVER find the Actual words to describe him!

I and alot of your fans and even the woman in question, deserve an apology! ❤️


This in a way is a blessing to @adeyinkaalaseyori cos seriously I have never heard the song but downloaded it this morning cos of all these saga online and I must its truly an amazing spirit filled song.I am now a fan…


You people should leave @tope_alabi_ alone. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


God is really proving himself as ONIDURO of @adeyinkaalaseyori now…..cos without saying a word , thousands of people is fighting for her💯. GOD PLEASE DONT STOP TO BE MY ONIDURO O👏👏👏👏


Oniduro mi ese ooooo……Bo je Aunty Tope lo duro……won a ti ma so ro. Thank you @adeyinkaalaseyori …. you ministered to my soul.


“Ogun teniyan nja lagba opoju ogun igba ewe lo” mummy, you have said it all in that song as inspired correctly by the Spirit. You’ll surmount all challenges by Grace, as you’ve always done. ❤️❤️❤️….thanks for reminding me this line of the song, dearest @mcdachris


Ma please read 2nd Timothy 4 vs 17 and get back to us ma…Talking down on another minister of the lord is so wrong and bad….I’m highly disappointed in you ma


I am highly disappointed in you ma😢 see what envyness can do one’s life,sure u didn’t knw when it slipped off your mouth,u once worshipped ajanaku like your small god after his death we realized he’s a ritualist,u denounced him and we accept you that way,if u can eat and dine with a ritualist ND U R HERE CRITICISING SOMEONE’S EFFORT🥵


Se Ajanaku wa ni oniduro e ni???🙄🙄🙄 You owe that woman a public apology . Onilara


❤️❤️my issue is not the condemnation of the song but what came out of your mouth that God is not your oniduro, chai TOPE WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU UUUU


Too much jealous for Yinka Alaseyori from Tope Alabi.

What should we say to your god of Ajanaku 😮

What about you calling God,owo kembe rebi ija 😳which is an Eulogy for Ogunmola of Ibadan.


@tope_alabi_ immediately I saw that video there was a feeling that you weren’t the one speaking In that video you allow flesh to control you, I just pray for you that the evil plan consigning that statement you altered will not come to pass and God shall grant you grace to understand and realize your mistakes to be able to apologize to the public especially we that are extremely in love with you 🙏🙏🙏 more Grace IJN 🙏🙏


Oniduro is an advocate, which is Jesus Christ— HE is our advocate!!!

This soooo bad on all levels. Even her explanation regarding her utterance/ouburst does not even tally, it does not make sense at all. I listened twice and found that even this her explanation is so meaningless– so wrong–no sense in it at all.

As Americans will say “”it seems like Tope is now smelling herself”’ But then hmmm!!! God knows HIS true worshippers. She did not even call alaseyori in private to tell her her thoughts on the song, she had to say it PUBLICLY!!!! Hmmm!! It is then obvious that envy is definitely part of this!!!

Olorun ku suuuru!


Dear aunty Tope, God Himself has defined the meaning of ONIDURO for you. The @adeyinkaalaseyori that you maliciously brought her work down has not even uttered a word, see the way God stood for her. Do you now believe God is our advocate?


I trust Nigerians …With the way I love you … you lost all the love and lost Good follower!

You can’t reign forever…let the young ones grow 👏


Even the person that composed the song is in akure, her name is evangelist Tolu adelegan, she didn’t kill herself when alaseyori sang the song, adelegan used it for her concert in 2013, I have been singing the song in the choir since 2016, so why did anti tope want to kill herself then?


We awaits your ‘Unreserved apology’ straight up to that humble lady OK? Te ba fe ri werey Jesu 😮


You know you could have easily called her and tell her instead of bringing her down in public right???? I’m sooo soooo disappointed in you! At least act what you preach ma’am….It’s well😏


You said oniduro is not good but your oti jesu npa o is good abi…abanije eniyan,ton ba eniyan je kiri,ojo toba dekun ati banije Lao ba o je


Madam Tope Alabi,I think it’s time you retrace your step and restitute of all the unwarranted critiquing,stop pulling others down.The part where you said ‘your pride (not holy spirit) said gbenu soun is a big fat lie!Where and when others fail and run a guarantor(oniduro) stands.Who stands before the throne pleading for us?who advocates for us?E ronujinle ma


Not too late for restitution


Awwwww,aunty mi.I celebrate you big ma.I am blessed you are in my life.Love you always.Thank you sir for all you are sir@officialpopesojialabi


Oniduro means advocate and the Bible says our lord Jesus Christ is our advocate.


When u Dey sing ogogoro jesu npami 😮who directed you ma??


You jus gave her more publicity…God will use our enemies to promote us 💃💃💃💃


In life we experience different dimensions of God that it why we can call him different names which we call him. Her calling God ONIDURO is based on the relationship she has with him and it is because God has revealed himself to her in that manner.

If you ever watched her 21 days praise and worship which she did last year. In one of those sessions the one she invited Bukola Bekes over to be precise, she mentioned that before she was called barren and she is grateful to God that he made her fruitful. And that during her delivery period neither her or child died, and that even up till now the child is not giving issues

She had a waiting period and God stood by her then hence the meaning of the song. @tope_alabi_ I love you more than what you said oooo sis find means to apologise… Holy spirit is our teacher. You’re not to correct the holy spirit oooo.hmmmmm


I didnt cut the video to attack u mama u knw i love u but the truth must be told w cant let our love for u blind us frm saying the truth i hope u wl retrace ur steps and do the needful and apologize to the singer of that song,


You that say olohun Rabata🤣olohun Jinjin😂olohun fen fen😂olohun gborokoto🤣 e ti sick ma😫imagine all those names that you called God that never even exist out of love we still praise God abi is like you haven’t borrowed money from Lapo Bfor ur oniduro will pay😂RUBBISH oniduro mi eseun oooooo Go and hug transformer🤣


Before I unfollow you let me say oniduro mi e seun ooooooo🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼thank you Jesus 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️


Restrict comment section, then apologize to your fans that you got carried away, you and your creator can sort the rest. My opinion.


This woman you really messed up , have always been your fan but you messed up with the rubbish you said , you can always praise God amyway you wanted once God alimighy knowstruly in your heart you prasing him , and more so you could have just called her if anything is wring in your on thinking whichh we all knew the song was actually good and we all wanted it , i see this as a beef and i think you should ask gor forgiveness


Mummy Tipa tikuku😂😂😂😂 weldone ma. Go back and talk to the HOLY SPIRIT


You didn’t even wish that lady a happy birthday despite wishing your daughter a happy birthday on her page, she even celebrated you on your birthday. Why are you so bitter??


Onilara oshi😢😢😢😢 is her song going to reduce from ur account abi does she want to collect ajanaku from u🙄🙄 that was how u criticized jewel rise and bleaching cream and boooom we finally find u doing all of the things u talk less of🥺🥺🥺


You want to use your hand to spoil everything you have worked for nitori Igberaga ati envy….Smh So disappointed


Why are you always so bitter towards other artist. None of them is competing with you, Aunty Ajanaku. Drink some water and mind your business! Anyone and everyone can choose whatever way or name to Praise his/her God.

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