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Why I Was Not Arrested After Nnamdi Kanu Fled Nigeria — Abaribe



Senator Enyinaya Abaribe who stood surety for embattled IPOB’s leader, Nnamdi Kanu, during his last arrest, has elucidated the reason why he was not arrested against expectation when Kanu flee Nigeria while under bail.

The senate minority leader while speaking on a TVC programme, Journalist Hangout, monitored by Green White Green (GWG) said he stood surety for the IPOB leader because it was a condition imposed by the court.

According to him, the court ordered that one of the sureties must be a Senator, and as the Chairman of the Southeast Senators Caucus then, he had to offer himself as the surety.

Abaribe explained that the court didn’t order his arrest after Kanu flee the country because his counsel was able to argue the case on the basis of the principle of ‘last seen’.

Speaking, Abaribe said; “He’s our son. He’s from our state (Abia). He (Kanu) said it himself that he ran for his dear life.

“There is a difference between jumping bail and escaping for your life. I went back to court and deposed that on the basis of the principle of ‘last seen’, that the last people seen with him were soldiers of the Nigerian army who were invading his father’s residence.

“The judge ultimately ruled that she was revoking bail and issued a warrant of arrest, thereby removing us from the responsibility of providing him. A lot of people did not understand.”

Abaribe however stated that if permitted one more time, he would still stand surety for the IPOB leader.

He said he did not feel betrayed that Kanu left the country, because “he ran for his life”.

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