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Lawmaker Dragged On Social Media Over Branding Of Her Name On House She Built For A Needy Person



A Kenyan Lawmaker has been gifted an optimal social media dragging after photos of a house she gifted a needy person in her constituency surfaced online.

The lawmaker, Hon. Elsie Muhanda, on Wednesday uploaded the image of the house on her Facebook page with her name branded on the fisher board of the new house.

The writings on the fisher board reads: ‘Elsie Muhanda Mama County Kakamega funded’

“This inspires me, transforming lives of my people,” the lawmaker captioned the photos.

The post attracted massive backlash with the majority criticising her for labelling her name on the house.

One Peter said: “Wah! This is beyond politics! You can’t build a house for someone deserving and brand it with your name. Kenya yawah!”

In the same vein, another Facebook user, Miako Maroro said; “Was the branding necessary? Why have your name on the house? Just to feed your ego and deny the owners their dignity. Pathetic.”

Jamuhuru pollyarp said: “Must you write ur name there. Must we know that u have helped? Even the Bible says ” if u give with the right hand, the left should not be aware and vice versa.”

On his part, Ustadh Ken Andedo, wrote: “The house is good. Yes, but is it a must for those words to be written there? Maman County Kakamega please those words should be erased.”

Following the backlash, she pulled down the post but the screenshot has since gone viral on social media, sparking more outrage.


Meanwhile, a check by Green White Green (GWG) on the lawmaker’s page revealed that such has been her way of gifting. The act is typical of most African politicians.

In a post she shared on September 5, the lawmaker “rolled out a number of programmes in Mumias West Constituency. I distributed market umbrellas, Tents, catering units to various groups in the Constituency” with her name branded on them.

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