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Quick Ways To Save, Rescue Drowning  Victim



save rescue drowning victim

Drowning is a type of suffocation induced by the submersion of the mouth and nose in a liquid and to rescue or save such a victim urgent steps are required.

Recently, there have been sad cases of individuals getting drowned, and on the extreme end, resulting into death.

Here are first aid measures that should be administered to drowning victims;

Get the drowning victim out of the water

The first priority is to get the drowning victim out of the water as quickly as possible. If the victim is not breathing, place the victim on their back on a firm surface. Immediately begin rescue breathing and have someone call for help/raise the alarm for emergency attention.

Rescue Breathing

Check the victim’s response by gently tapping, shaking or calling their name loud. If no response, turn them on their side and check their airway is clear, removing any blockage.

Gently tilt the victim’s head back with one hand, and lift their chin with the other. Put your ear to the victim’s mouth and nose, and look, listen, and feel for signs of breathing.

Do chest compressions

Place two fingers on the breastbone, then begin to rapidly press down on the chest about 11/2 inches deep and then release the pressure. Make sure you’re not pressing on the end of the breastbone.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

According to, starting Cardiopulmonary resuscitation immediately after the victim is brought out of the water is the most important thing to do to save or rescue a drowning victim..

If the victim is not breathing, perform a quick CPR. You do not need to remove water from the person’s throat to do that.

You carefully place the victim on his or her back on a firm surface. Tilt the person’s head back and lift the chin. However, if you suspect a neck injury, do not tilt the head, just open the jaw. For a baby, be careful not to tilt the head back too far.

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