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Five Things To Do As A Single Girl While Waiting For Your Husband



single girl waiting for husband

What you do while waiting for your future husband as a single girl is very important. As a single girl, you can thrive while also preparing for your future partner. Here are five things you can do while waiting for your future husband.

Learn to do something new

You have more freedom now as a single girl! Take this time to learn how to do something new. Big or small! You could learn how to start a blog, cook, or play a certain sport. Learn how to do something that you enjoy, will help you in the future, or maybe even encourage or help somebody else.

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Guard your heart

Guarding your heart really is controlling your body, thoughts, and emotions. It helps you as a single girl to save yourself physically and emotionally for your future husband.

Save up for a trip

You have so much freedom as a single girl that you will not have when you are married. It is time for you to take advantage of this and take a vacation or go on an important trip.

The trip may be educational or for missionary purposes.  It can be somewhat expensive, so start saving and planning now.

Pray for your future husband

Praying for your future husband is so important because prayer is so powerful. You have no idea the impact your prayers could have on him. He could be going through something tough right now, and your prayers could be a huge help.

Find a good church

It is so important to be a part of a good church. It helps to keep you accountable, find good Christian friends, and fellowship with God and other believers.

 This may take some searching, but  it is worth doing  to find a church that teaches straight from the Bible, without adding or taking anything away, and strengthens your spiritual walk.

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