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Obidients Mock After Catching Tinubu Listening To Peter Obi On Twitter Space



Tinubu Obi

APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was trending on Wednesday morning after his official twitter handle was spotted listening in during a twitter space organized for Peter Obi, his Labour Party rival in the forthcoming election.

GWG.NG reports that investigative journalist and acclaimed supporter of Peter Obi, David Hundeyin had organized a twitter space for Peter Obi to interact with his supporters.

However, among those spotted was Tinubu who Obidient supporters of Peter Obi alleged was moved to also participate in the twitter space.

Tinubu’s participation came in the face of his claim that he does not pay attention to social media, having claimed that he often gets high blood pressure whenever he enters social media.

The presence of the APC flag bearer in the twitter space which was mainly attended by supporters of Peter Obi was on Wednesday stirring comments with the Labour Party candidate’s supporters claiming that it was evidence of the fact that when Obi speaks that every person listens.

GWG.NG gathered some of the reactions of the sight of the Tinubu official handle listening to Peter Obi during his conference with supporters in twitter space:

Nigeria must be great again @GRTNIGERIAN

Even Tinubu knows HE Peter Obi is the best 👌. He even attends his lectures. Its been said to follow who know road. He was one of the few that came as early before the lecturer started and he was the last to leave. He was the one writing down names of noise makers.

humble silver 🇳🇬🇿🇦


I pray for TINUBU today. That the lord almighty will strengthen him And give him the courage to step down and rest 😌 that man is tired and weak. I feel for him. Make he nor go slump for campaign ground.

mr. Martins @Martins_j10 also weighing in on Tinubu being present in the Obi twitter space, said:

He came to see if he can get inspiration of attending to town hall meeting/Twitter space interview like Peter obi but guess what him go still cap blue bla bla if given the opportunity. “Even Tinubu”

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