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Threats To Nigeria Unity As Presidency Shares First Pictures Of Crude Oil From North



A picture of the sample of crude oil allegedly obtained from the first oil well in the North shared by presidential aide, Bashir Ahmed has stirred strong reactions with many southerners calling for a division of the country.

Many of the calls were prompted by the claim that oil has been the only fabric uniting the country with the assertion that with oil now being found in the core North that the region should remove its lever over the rest of the country.

The call was, however, mellowed by some other reactions who affirmed that the discovery of oil in the core North could do little to transform the North given the claim that the management of the oil in the South has been mostly in the hands of northerners.

Bashir Ahmed in his post had said:

Reacting that the discovery of oil in the north should pave the way for the division of the country tweeps said:

livinus igwebuike @livinusigwebui6

Shebi una don get una oil , congratulations ,can we part in peace or must it end in trenches , God have given you what you people are fighting us for ,so if you people refuse to leave us now

Anonymous @saintjohnwick1

Mugu The crude oil u stole from south . I pray this is true so that we can now part in peace! Although ur elites will still milk it dry!

Innocent6pm @Innocent_6pm

Since you guys have oil now which is why we are all dieing in Nigeria . Can we now divide the country? Thanks. Gt back to me from buari

Cyprian Unetebukane @IUnetebukane

Can we now go separate Ways? Hence is only Oil that Unite Us. Can Fulani leave us now? We’re tired of a Religion and Tribe that doesn’t count on other lives.

Ikem-Chelsea   @IkemRaph

As una don get oil, can we now go our separate ways?  

AR-15 @Chi69054983

Maybe after this you might start thinking of giving Biafra it’s deserved referendum, you have oil now, let Biafra go in peace.

There were other derisive comments on the discovery on oil in the north as shared by Bashir Ahmed.

Comrade @BBGMyhome

Though it’s not true but let’s see clear evidence. This is oil you took from Niger Delta. If ur regime can deceive Nigerians with fake Rice pyramid, you can lie with everything.

Juba O’juba @JubaOjuba1

Oga, North has been in control of Nigeria oil and the Wells since forever. Check out NNPC board list from inception. So discovering oil in the North is not a leverage but a detriment. So stop gloating rather support PO so that it could be managed to benefit you and your people.

Emmanuel Okereke @EemmanuelMadu

Look at how excited you are, but they have been some region in the country giving you wealth from the proceeds of crude found in their state and you guys didn’t appreciate them.

Muhtari Adanan @MuhtariAdanan

#Nigeria’s poverty rate rose to 63% despite ($bn) gov’t intervention programmes because no jobs (industries) are being created outside 1 of its 36 states… — 19m Nigerians joined the labour mkt from 2016 to 2021, but only 3.5m jobs were created (80% ended up unemployed)…

Gideon Doo Inyom @doogideon

The problem in Nigeria is bigger than discovery of new oil sites! Even if we are fetching oil in open wells in Nigeria, it is what we do with such oil & how we are accountable to the citizens over these oil that should be considered achievement! Buhari should come clean on this!

Ken Uttih🕊 (Vote Capacity, Competence, Character) @KenUttih

A win for Nigeria. If this will help to reduce the number of almajiri children on the streets of Northern Nigeria, it is welcomed. I hope it will reduce the multidimensional poverty and illiteracy in the north. I hope it is the key to the door agriculture couldn’t open.


Baba use Origin bottle dey show us crude oil…..Shey na agbo herbal drink be that or na beer you put for that iregbe bottle????

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