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Actress Ufuoma McDermott Lays Curse On Politicians Intimidating Voters



Nollywood actress Ufuoma McDermott has expressed her displeasure with political parties and candidates who engage in voter intimidation.

In a recent post on her social media page, the actress cursed those who partake in these acts, stating that they will face the consequences of their actions.

McDermott’s post came as a reaction to reports of voter intimidation during the ongoing gubernatorial election in Lagos.

She expressed her disappointment in the electoral body, INEC, for not doing enough to ensure the safety of voters.

In her post, the actress called on political parties and candidates to be brave and stand tall, without resorting to violence or intimidation. She also urged INEC to do more to protect voters, stating that they had failed in their duty.

The actress did not mince words in her condemnation of those who engage in voter intimidation, stating that their actions were evil and that they would face the consequences of their deeds. She called on Nigerians to be safe during elections and to ensure that their votes count.

She wrote:

“There must be a reason for the desperation to win… whatever your reason, let all candidates be brave with their full chest. Stand well well. If you’re sure, call back your dogs make everybody stand. Try to be a man for once. @inecnigeria you have failed again. My dear Nigerians, be safe. You have done your part. Every political party and candidate or even the populace involved in and supporting the victimisation, intimidation & brutallty of others.. Thanks for showing us your real face. Blood is on your hands…”



McDermott’s post has been met with mixed reactions from Nigerians, with some applauding her for speaking out against voter intimidation while others have criticized her for her harsh words.

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