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Why Do We Hate Each Other So Much? – Yul Edochie Asks



Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has taken to social media to express his concern about the level of hate among people.

In a tweet, he lamented that despite the inevitability of death, people still harbor animosity towards one another.

Edochie, who is known for his roles in popular Nigerian movies, called on individuals to show love and accommodate each other, rather than fight over material things that will eventually be left behind.

“All of us will die someday. People who are richer and more powerful than us have all died. So why do we hate each other so much? Why can’t we accommodate each other? Why do we fight so much for material things that we’ll leave and go. Let’s spread love and enjoy life. Life is short,” he wrote.

The actor’s message has received a lot of support from his fans and followers on social media. Many commended him for speaking out on such an important issue, and urged others to take his words to heart.

Some users shared personal stories about how hate has affected them or their loved ones, while others offered suggestions on how to promote love and unity in society.

The issue of hate has become a major concern in many parts of the world, with incidents of discrimination, violence, and social unrest on the rise.

In Nigeria, cases of tribalism, religious intolerance, and political differences have led to conflicts and tension.

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