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How Omo-Agege Caused His Defeat In Delta – Ojougboh, APC Chief



A senior member of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Delta State, Dr Cairo Ojougboh has blamed the party’s defeat in the governorship election to the candidate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege who, he said, pocketed the party structure thinking he could rely on defectors from the PDP.

According to Dr Ojougboh, many PDP defectors on a closer look chose to work for the devil they knew in the PDP than enthrone Omo-Agege based on what he claimed as their past dealings with him.

Ojougboh spoke in an interview on Arise News Television on Tuesday morning following the declaration of the PDP’s candidate, Hon Sheriff Oborevwori as governor-elect.

Omo-Agege has since renounced the declaration vowing to challenge it based on allegations of rigging, voter suppression among others.

Dr Ojougboh who said that many party leaders were scorned by Omo-Agege once he got the party structure also made allusions to unfaithfulness on the party leadership in the state in prosecuting the presidential election. According to him resources provided by the party leadership for the presidential election were squandered.

Noting how Senator Omo-Agege allegedly was deceived by defectors, he said: “as people were coming in we were just looking at them, most of them their political value you can query. So, there was no panic as to how the result would go in Delta State.”

“When only one person took the structure of APC and put it in his pocket, you didn’t expect much and if you look at the result out of 25 local governments, APC was only able to win only four and that was despite the fact that the APC was running on the bandwagon effect of the presidential election. But it didn’t help just because of the way the party at the national level conducted the affairs of the APC in Delta State.”

Noting that the voting in Delta has demystified the voting mystique about the riverine votes that in the past altered permutations, he said:

“It is now clear that the voting strength in Delta is in Delta North. People used to think it was in Delta South, but the result that came from Delta South was merely abysmal and the fishes and shrimps that used to vote in Delta South were not on show this time around and human beings came to vote. So, the voting strength now is between the Central and Delta North.”

Praising the introduction of the BVAS machine, Ojougboh said:

“What made the PDP win in Delta was the BVAS, with BVAS you cannot rig more than the accreditation. Those kinds of votes that used to come out from the rivers and from the creeks didn’t come this time. So, what you saw was fairly reflective of what happened.”

Reiterating his claim that Omo-Agege entered the election without the support of APC leaders with many of those who followed him deceiving him, Ojougboh continued:

“I can tell you that apart from myself and very few leaders, very few leaders voted for APC. What the governorship candidate did was to hope that he will steal the PDP people and they will come and vote for him. Even when those PDP people came to APC, on the voting day, they looked at the two candidates and said this one? Let’s ’s better go back to the devil we know (PDP) and that’s exactly what happened. A lot of the PDP people still voted for the PDP.”

Noting how Omo-Agege allegedly snubbed efforts at consensus building in the state, he said:

“The national body put together a body of elders to manage the process so that everybody would be carried along. I was the secretary of that body. Eleven of us cooperated and only the candidate said that the party has been bequeathed to him and that he is the owner and cannot join the lesser mortals and that he is a supreme being. We did everything we could, he said he is the only one who can fight.

“Me I don’t know how to lie. Most of the leaders during the campaign were dancing and following him, beating drums, meanwhile, they were deceiving him. So, there was no foundation for the APC as it were.

“At the national convention it was obvious who worked for the president-elect and who didn’t work for the president-elect.

“At the presidential and National Assembly elections, materials were given for work to the state, a lot of that material was not used that the APC could not make 25% in the presidential election, so if APC could not make 25% in the presidential election, so how do you think that it will not catapult and come and win. So, the people who were shortchanged also were not happy and they paid back.”

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