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War Brews In Delta APC Following Omo-Agege’s Defeat, Ojougboh’s Interview



Muttering over Dr Cairo Ojougboh’s vituperation against Senator Ovie Omo-Agege is raging in the Delta State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC with claims of more dissent from party chiefs following the defeat of the party’s governorship candidate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege.

It has also emerged that the APC hierarchy in the state is moving against Dr Ojougboh and others who were alleged not to have fully supported the governorship candidate in the election. Dr Ojougboh it was learnt has been removed from the party’s WhatsApp platforms.

Besides him, vehicles given to a notable party organizer in the Delta Central have been retrieved. The party organizer was accused of not adequately disbursing funds provided by the campaign for ‘logistics.’

GWG.ng reports that the interview granted Arise News Television by Ojougboh on Teusday has further polarized the party with many party chieftains openly accusing party leaders of sabotaging the APC ahead of the governorship election.

Speaking on Arise TV, Ojougboh among others accused Omo-Agege of not carrying party chiefs along and causing his defeat.

“I can tell you that apart from myself and very few leaders, very few leaders voted for APC. What the governorship candidate did was to hope that he will steal the PDP people and they will come and vote for him. Even when those PDP people came to APC, on the voting day, they looked at the two candidates and said this one? Let’s ’s better go back to the devil we know (PDP) and that’s exactly what happened. A lot of the PDP people still voted for the PDP.”

A party chief responding to the development said on Wednesday:

“He finished me and totally removed me from the party affairs, he would have totally annihilated me,” a party chief from the Northern senatorial district told GWG.ng of the alleged actions of Omo-Agege that caused many party chiefs to stand aloof and watch his defeat..

Another party chief speaking in the same direction also told GWG.ng that many party elders preferred to survive under the PDP than allow the APC candidate to reign over them accusing him of dictatorship and marginalizing party leaders.

However, party chiefs it was learnt are mobilising to deal with those they perceive as rebels who did not support Omo-Agege or contributed to the defeat.

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