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Open Letter To Buhari: Your Legacy In Tatters

By Ugokings



Slam Visa Ban On Buhari, Family After Handover, PDP Tells International Community

Dear President Buhari GCFR,

Writing this letter to you on this 21st day of March, 2023, precisely three weeks and three days after the Presidential and National Assembly elections, and three days after the Governorship and State Assembly elections has become a necessity laid on me as a Citizen of Nigeria.

Mr. President, I must be honest with you, I’m one of those who didn’t vote you during the 2015 and 2019 Presidential elections, and I’ve never been a Fan of yours. This is not borne out prejudice nor bigotry but out of my convictions that you are not the President Nigeria needed at the time. There were also prophetic messages that preceded your 2015 contest, warning Nigerians not to elect you.

That message enumerated what will happen to and in Nigeria should Nigerians make the mistake of electing you as their President. I got that message first hand, I wasn’t told by anyone. I tried warning Nigerians but I was labeled with unprintable names. Seven years and ten months after, everything I said concerning your Government has happened.

The day you were declared Winner of the 2015 Presidential election, I dropped on my knees, instead of the usual prayer and thanks to God, tears flowed uncontrollably from my eyes. I couldn’t find words to pray with, I heard myself saying with tears ‘Oh God of creation, direct our noble course’. I wept for Nigeria ahead of time.

Sir, your administration has been adjudged the worst since the return of democracy in 1999 – a fact you and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and their Supporters may want to differ on – but the facts are evidential and Nigerians are the best Judges. At a time, your amiable wife had to apologize to Nigerians over the failure of your administration.

However, it will be wickedness and gross irresponsibility for me to deny that your administration didn’t score any positive mark. My conscience won’t let me sleep if I hold such assertion and falsehood, but the truth is that the positive marks your administration has scored, when placed side by side with the negative ones simply pale into the oblivion – hence a failed administration.

Mr. President, sometime in January or thereabout, you promised to leave a legacy of free, fair, and credible elections devoid of thuggery, vote buying and rigging. For the first time in seven years plus, I became proud of you. I saw you as a father indeed. You were in UK, supposedly to see King Charles III, and that Journalist was asking you questions bothering on the Naira redesign policy and other things. When you reiterated your commitment of leaving a legacy of free, fair, and credible elections, I felt like announcing to the world that you are my President, I was more than proud of you.

Under your watch Sir, the electoral Umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has conducted the worst elections in the history of Nigeria.

After spending approximately four hundred billion Naira (N400bn) of tax Payers’ money, INEC conducted a sham which they christened elections. A sham that both local and international Observers rated below par as one that didn’t meet the constitutional requirements. An election where the Bimodal Voters Accreditation System (BVAS) machines uploaded only National Assembly results from Polling Units but failed to upload Presidential results gotten simultaneously with the National Assembly results.

Mr. President, it’s quite ridiculous and feeble of the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed forces of the most populous black Nation on earth, to sit down and watch INEC organize this criminality supervised by Prof. Mahmood Yakubu under your nose.

Sir, you’ve failed Nigerians, you’ve pierced their already wounded and bleeding hearts since 2015 again with this sham called elections. You’ve greeted it with conspiracy of silence and have even congratulated Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the ruling APC as the President-elect, even when former Presidents who came to observe the elections and many other Observers faulted the electoral process.

I’ve been imagining how King Charles III would probably be laughing and making mockery of you for calling the February 25th elections free, fair and credible.

My friends in the diaspora have been telling me how they’ve been mocked in their host countries over February 25th elections.

Mr. President, by giving a nod and thumbs up to this sham simply means that you’re telling Nigerians and the world that; queueing up to register, get PVCs, stay under the sun and in the rain for accreditation and voting proper is useless.

You’re telling them to embrace criminality and use same to select their Leaders. You are telling them that what your administration does is selection and not election, hence Bola Ahmed Tinubu, INEC President-select and not Nigeria’s President-elect.

Nigerians expected you to be true to your words, but again you reneged on your promises.

Sir, do you ever think of how posterity will remember or judge you? How your name will go down in the history of Nigeria as probably the President who destroyed democracy and extolled thuggery, rigging, vote buying and violence as a means of selecting Leaders?

Your conspiracy of silence over the threat issued and carried out by Thugs loyal to and working for your Party in Lagos, in the just concluded Governorship and State Assembly elections leaves a lot to be desired. The President of Nigeria couldn’t protect Nigerians, he sat quietly in Aso Rock Villa and watched Thugs maim Citizens, snatched ballot boxes, disrupted elections, Journalists assaulted and gaged even in front of the Palace of a supposed Royal father, and then INEC announced the result in favour of your Party.

Sir, I’m not sure that you are still Nigerian President. Perhaps you’ve secretly handed over power to the INEC President-select Bola Ahmed Tinubu, but if you are still the President, rise up and perform your constitutional duties as the President. Call Prof. Mahmood Yakubu to order, to declare Peter Obi as Nigeria’s President-elect, arrest MC Oluomo and the Thugs who maimed Nigerians in Lagos, investigate Oba Elegushi for possible complicity over the assault of Arise News Journalists, cancel Sanwo-Olu’s stolen mandate and declare Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour the Governor-elect of Lagos, arrest the Sponsors of violence and rigging in Rivers, Imo, Kaduna, Enugu, Abia, etc and all their INEC Accomplices.

Mr. President, I’m not one of those gullible Nigerians deceived by the slogan of your Handlers *Buhari is not aware*. It’s not true Sir, you’re fully aware. You’re the C-In-C, your security Intel can even tell you where I’m writing this letter from in less than an hour.

What I and other Nigerians are asking for is not a conundrum imposed on you, we’re simply asking that you act in your full capacity as the President to save Nigeria from the impending doom and chaos that’s looming.

Nigerians still want to be proud of you, inscribe your name in their hearts and win their love and admiration by giving us our stolen mandates. Bequeath to us the legacy of a free, fair and credible elections you promised us, which is in tandem with the will of Nigerians, and that will resonate the new Nigeria that we all voted for.

This is the opportunity you have to make your administration the best so far in the history of Nigeria. Africans are watching, the whole world is watching. They want to see what you will do.

God bless you as you do the needful.

Yours faithfully,


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