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All You Need To Know As Osun Devotees Mark Osara Festival



Osara festival

Osara is a festival celebrated every year by the people of Osun in dedication to the goddess of the lagoon.

The Ooni’s Queen, Olori Ashley Ogunwusi, on Saturday, led numerous natives of Ile-Ife, particularly devotees of Osara.

While addressing newsmen before proceeding to the ancient Osara Groove amid cheers from natives and residents of Ife, Olori Ogunwusi explained that the festival was laced with immeasurable spiritual components since time immemorial.

“Many are here with several prayer requests which is an attestation of their firm belief in Osara which doesn’t fail its devotees.

“Historically, Osara is very relevant to we Yorubas and our kinsmen scattered across the world. That is why people travel far and wide to celebrate this great deity.

“I hereby pray that the Almighty Olodumare answers all our prayers through Osara, a committed servant of God the creator,” Olori Ogunwusi stated.

Also, the Olosara of Ife, Oba Isoro Ishola Osunwusi, said Osara was a festival that all sons and daughters of Yorubas needed to celebrate annually.

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According to him, if they fail to worship Osara yearly, there’ll be repercussions, for she provides children for everyone.

“If anyone needs child(ren), let him/her ask from Osara, she would surely provide for such.

“All the babes seeing here bathing today were given to their Mummy last year and they bring them here to pay their vow, so Osara is worthy of celebration,” he said.

Osunwusi added that Osara was a virtuous woman who was humble, gentle and of good character.

Olosara explained that Osara gave birth to Okanbi for Oduduwa; Okanbi gave birth to seven children, such as Oba of Benin, Olupopo of Popo, Onisabe of Sabe, Olowu of Owu, Orangun of Ila, among others.

Osunwuwi called on Yorubas to embrace their cultural heritage and value their tradition, for Osara was the legendary mother of Yorubas.

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