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Shock As Man Tells Wife On Wedding Day He Used Piece Of Her Tooth To Make Engagement Ring



A video of a man revealing to his wife on their wedding day that he used her tooth to make the gemstone on her engagement ring has gone viral eliciting mixed comments from social media users.

The 2 minutes and 25 seconds video was originally posted on Instagram and has since been shared widely on various social media platforms.

In the video, the man is seen telling his new bride that the small stone in the ring he proposed to her with was made of dentine and enamel from her own teeth. He then goes on to explain that he had carefully planned this surprise and went straight to the jeweler with her teeth to have them fashioned into the ring’s gemstone.

He got a piece of her tooth after she fell during an accident.

The video has sparked mixed reactions from social media users, with some finding the gesture romantic and heartfelt, while others expressed shock and disgust at the idea of using human teeth in jewelry.

It is important to note that using human teeth to make jewelry is not only unethical but also illegal in many countries. It can also pose health risks, as human teeth may contain harmful bacteria and viruses.

The couple involved in the video and the location where it was filmed are not identified. However, the video has raised questions about the ethical and legal implications of using human tooth in jewelry or engagement ring and has sparked a wider conversation about the boundaries of romantic gestures.

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