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May 29, 2023: A Pragmatic New Dawn For Nigeria

By Prof. Ojo Emmanuel ADEMOLA



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Intuitively, democratic elections are a painstakingly designed process of leadership sieving among varied options. Across the globe, it’s the most fashionable mechanism for selecting frontline players in people’s governance and organisation.

Nigeria is a signatory to this popular dictum (Democracy) and has lately exercised its preference in the process, selecting new leadership at States and National levels to administer its affairs. It’s been a long journey of lobbying, manipulations, horse trading, compromises, high-tensioned politicking, etc across parties, culminating in the election of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR as the President and Commander in Chief of Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as well as Alhaji Kashim Shettima, GCON  as Vice President of the Country. Thus, from today May 29th, 2023, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu (PBAT) will assume the full leadership mantle expected to transfer hope into reality: ignorance into knowledge; fear into faith, and lack into availability.

By inference, the process that started from the party primaries in 2022, to the general election proper on February/March 2023, signifies a new dawn for Nigeria in many respects. That for 24 years, the Country has succeeded in progressing rapidly (and uninterruptedly) along the path of participatory governance, is a bundle of excitement that has put asunder political pundits’ predictions of woes into a nullity. Outstandingly too, the pre and post-election anxieties, arising mostly from generated ethnic/religious narratives, were political landmines sufficient to stall the gains recorded on the democratic fronts of the Nation. That despite the dotted hiccups along the path of deepening the Nigerian democratic experiment as evidenced in the last general election, Nigerians’ resolve to forge a bonding alliance of unity, progress and peace, signifies a new dawn of political maturity and advancement.

Since 1999 when the Nation returned to the presidential system of government, the civil transitions have been globally commended, and the 29th May 2023 handover to Asiwaju Tinubu by outgoing President Mohammed Buhari (PMB) would mark its 3rd edition which, assuredly, is a measured progress of political stability.

But why the high optimism of hope? The answer is simply that the incoming President, BAT, among other contenders, offers the most attractive, progressive and realistic Manifesto for the redemption of the Country from all forms of squalor, deprivation, inequality,  injustice, lack and want, and the majority of Nigerians had keyed into the “2023 Renewed Hope Agenda”. Therefore, against his exemplary performance in Lagos during his tenure as Executive Governor of Lagos State (1999 – 2007), it is a new dawn of pragmatic leadership for the Country. It’s a new dawn of “National Healing” as the people in all zones have suffered emotional stress, and as right posited by the Incoming President, “it is that spirit of inclusiveness we engendered in Lagos that I intend to bring into national governance so that together we can attain our full potentials”.

“I will give priority to expanding the civic space and safeguarding citizens’ freedom to exercise their rights within the bounds of the law”.

“The time for leadership and governance is now upon us”.

In broad perspectives, the messages of the “National Healing Creed” are encapsulated in the 2023 Renewed Hope Manifesto of the Incoming President, one that pinpoints the roadmap for the desire to deliver on promises made to the Nigerian people. With the inauguration on the way, it’s necessary to recap the salient points in the Renewed Hope Agenda of the Incoming President resident to reassure Nigerians across boards that the governance template is set to sail; a beacon to a new dawn

The centrality of the new dawn Agenda stems from the fact that governance is about finding solutions to problems, either by identifying them and addressing them, or by making plans to address issues handed down from previous administrations. Under the upcoming administration, Nigerians will be able to identify the qualities that make a competent, tested, and experienced leader, giving them a fundamental understanding of governance. All pioneers should have checkable administration capacities to offer a majority rules system to most Nigerians. In light of the current situation in Nigeria, the concentration should thoughtfully be on antecedents in terms of the ability of leaders to advance democratic values for the benefit of Nigerians and their retrospective contribution to this democracy.

For a new dawn, the most crucial issue could be a triple-sort one in which, just before the cycle is over, the most successful democrats, generally recognized for their ability to deal with Nigerian interests, has the mandate to act decisively on naughty national challenges. Under the new leader, Nigeria must reach new economic, technological, and democratic development heights. This democracy has been developing in Nigeria’s current republic since 1990, and the leadership has changed several times during elections. President Tinubu will undoubtedly lead Nigeria with self-assurance and excellence without being hypocritical. We are reminded by the documents of the ‘Renewed Hope’ Manifesto that leaders must be skilled at creating opportunities for all people and take responsibility for their actions, for the nation and its citizens to continue prospering.

The comprehensive initiatives in the new dawn Agenda focus on properly implementing administration systems to ensure residents’ prosperity and take responsibility. You can affirm without reservation that BAT’s performance as governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007 was an exceptional governance paradigm of taking responsibility. It was a first-of-its-kind effort to restructure the economy and infrastructure massively. This created enormous long-term opportunities for the state’s development into the developed, thriving state it is today in terms of economic, technological, political, and other infrastructure. In any case, BAT assumed responsibility when the government allotment unexpectedly stopped, and none of his actions resulted in negative consequences, such as lower staff pay rates or no pay at all. Instead of cutting staff hiring and salary payments, BAT implemented a first-rate strategy for positive resource profiling and re-evaluating necessary deliverables for all agencies in Lagos State. These practical steps offer greater hope of a new dawn for a Nation in dire need of pragmatic leadership.

Another perspective on a new dawn is the scanning ability of President Tinubu to make intelligent decisions with his money, investing in a group of talented people by identifying them and positioning them to be incredible leaders who would help the majority of people benefit from democracy. For the APC’s victory in 2015 and subsequent elections, BAT submitted his right and selflessly discovered the experience of bringing progressive ideology to mitigate failure risks. Such political contributions brought about the defeat of the incumbent, and a newly formed party took the country’s leadership for the first time in the history of Nigeria’s democracy; what a ray of hope for a new Nigeria!

Considering BAT in retrospect, at least five essential characteristics are discernable. BAT is a consistent and productive progressive democratic activist, and all will be brought to bear from May 29, 2023. Before 1999 and now, he has always had a disciplined personality. We knew how Asiwaju gave the pro-democracy struggle new life when he took over financing after the cruel annulment of the election on June 12, 1993. One can remember financing of Radio Kudirat was a game-changer that positively redirected the pro-democracy movement’s activities and contributed to the 1999 handover of power to civilians. At the time, NADECO’s activities thrived on his financial power. As an outstanding political activist and leader who values professional selflessness in leadership, BAT took this action. In any case, when vulnerability opposes the legitimate initiative, BAT centres on the timeless qualities for the coming generations to adopt as a consistent worldview.

As a reformer, President Tinubu has been a prominent advocate for fiscal and political reforms since the beginning of this democracy. He set up a type of Treasury Single Account (TSA) in Lagos State before it became a national policy. That is cutting-edge thinking. He talked about the supply and consumption economy rather than the typical supply and demand economy. One uses up the economy, while the other deals with production. He executed the acknowledged economy as a compelling enemy of debasement methodology for straightforwardly archiving each monetary exchange inside the framework. That is the way to move toward national development. BAT had stated repeatedly that if he wins the presidential election, he will commit to doubling Nigeria’s GDP.

The nation’s industrial policy will come to life in the new dawn; thanks to this synergy. The President’s goal of creating significant and minor industrial hubs in each geopolitical zone is to encourage functional greatness in new regions by making Nigeria a leader in the fourth industrial revolution rather than a bystander. Nigerians shall actively participate in the digital economy. It gives a robust financial connection to the Renewed Hope Manifesto that it draws on the qualities of a reformed leader

The political idea that the new President had of “Renewed Hope” has the apparent value of creating opportunities for all. By balancing other factors to maximise an individual’s potential to impact the nation’s economic development significantly, the leading global north countries are beginning to achieve equal opportunities. The “Renewed Hope,” an integrated national development framework for creating opportunities, exemplifies BAT’s commitment.

The eight subsystems of the “Renewed Hope” model will be combined in a way that is both effective and efficient, yielding the immense benefits of democracy to everyone. The possibility of a new dawn also stems from the fact that the following will be extensively implemented on a national scale by the model, with significant success in Lagos State. Nigerians should expect higher scaling and scoping of The ‘Renewed Hope’ structure in its eight firm components on Monetary development and enhancement; Recruiting and developing personnel; Participation in the ICT revolution; legal changes; maximising the utilisation of government resources and preventing leaks; protecting Nigeria and its people from both internal and external aggression; Transformation in agriculture and Nigeria for Nigerians. With the incoming President’s perspective on “Renewed Hope”, his knowledge of Tigerising Nigeria’s Economy by effectively and efficiently distributing opportunities will speak volumes of the new dawn. His strategy will be similar to the one he used in Lagos, but more encompassing and effective as a national leader. A new dawn has come to us in Nigeria.

In Nigeria’s political narrative, the new President”s governance model unquestionably will demonstrate a complete commitment by allocating resources to a positive effort to eradicate inequality by providing additional education to socially shut-out individuals. For the President, there will be escalations of all his innovation and creativity to make Nigeria a great Nation. It is a new dawn for the glorious escalation: for example, he created educational opportunities, on February 9, 2000, just one year into his stewardship in Lagos, he presented cheques to the officials of assigned banks to pay for the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WAEC) for all public school students in Lagos state. BAT is adept at making governance an appropriate and timely intervention channel. He made many economic and strategic interventions in Lagos State to make robust economic progress, even on personal matters, like paying the WAEC examination fees for all Lagos State public school students. Something better by far and greater has come as a new dawn is here.

The new President has a wealth of political experience under his belt, having served as governor of Nigeria’s most important and influential state, a senator, and a champion of democracy. He is an expert in digital leadership in a volatile environment. The theme-based leadership style of BAT will continue to prevail in Nigeria’s quest to create opportunities for all and accelerate its economic, technological, and democratic development; all good recipes for the rebirth of a new Nation.

By reflecting on the recent article from Louis Odion, FNGE, the significance of today’s glorious event is one of the main harvests of the Tinubu’s ‘aforiti’. The kingmaker now is the king, that is it for His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR. Notably, for our President, it has been a long, enduring journey to victory, and His Excellency deserves the accolades and encomiums being showered on him. His Excellency, together with his Vice-President, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, GCON, has persevered in the face of political odds, provocation and tribulations to savour the glory of a foremost inauguration in a tense political landscape of Nigeria.

The president shall implement an exemplary Nigeria strategy review; make sense of the turbulent digital environment, and eliminate the legacy structures and management approaches to convey thriving innovation and break free from previous cultural norms. President Tinubu will unleash the creative potential of his employees and team members with high performance; reimagine leadership for a great Nigeria by taking advantage of the full potential of established and emerging technologies. President Tinubu acknowledges that Life is anything that provides an opportunity to redefine itself. For instance, life is an opportunity to use the tool of innovation and creativity to define itself. With the adoption of the Robotic system in our human world, for example, the new president will release his reality to use all leadership tools available to redefine every sector of Nigeria’s economy to greatness thereby making exploitation of leadership an innovative way to accentuate that creativity is all about taking all tough challenges and playing nice to turn those challenges into abundant opportunities for all Nigerians.

At this point, it is safe to affirm that the presidency of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Alhaji Kashim Shettima will guarantee renewed hope, security, and a prosperous nation through the Renewed Hope Manifesto to improve the fortune of Nigerians and make Nigeria a developed country. The President’s intention for Nigerians is an extraordinary blessing from above, for him to use his extensive, enviable, and illustrious leadership abilities. Surely, we are entering the era of amalgamated renewed hope, and it’s time to offer my sincere, warm and hearty congratulations to the Nigerian Nation’s new President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR; his Vice-President, His Excellency, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, GCON, and to all Nigerian indigenous nationalities on the attainment of a new rebirth, the dawn of all possibilities of peace, progress and unity.

Conclusively, on this incredible occasion of the inauguration of His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR as the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and His Excellency, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, GCON as the Vice-President of Nigeria today, Monday 29th May 2023, I do heartily felicitate with millions of Nigerians and international Communities for a democratic landmark feat, marking a new dawn in Nigeria’s political transition.

The assurance stands unreservedly that the new President is an avowed progressive democrat, Nigerians, and indeed the entire globe, anxiously look ahead to a new beginning for the Country, moving rapidly along the path of growth, progress, equity, justice, peace and harmony.

Once again, my heartwarming congratulations to our newly inaugurated  President, His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, Commander-in-Chief, and the Vice-President, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, GCON.

Wishing our foremost leaders a fruitful and rewarding tenure.

Prof. Ojo Emmanuel Ademola is a distinguished political analyst and a global Cyber Security technocrat

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