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Yul Edochie Damns Colleagues Professes Love For Judy Austin



Renowned actor Yul Edochie has damned his colleagues critical of his marital escapades with his second wife, Judy Austin, and professed love to her in a heartwarming Instagram post.

Edochie shared a video on his Instagram page where he affectionately admired his wife from head to toe, showcasing her remarkable attributes. In his post, he went on to describe Judy Austin as the embodiment of a thousand women.

This display of love and admiration from Yul Edochie comes amid ongoing tensions between the couple and their colleague, Sarah Martins, who has taken the side of their critic, Rita Edochie. In his Instagram caption, Edochie wrote, “One thousand women in one. Ijele Odogwu @judyaustin1. God be with you always.”

See post below:

This public declaration of love for Judy Austin by Yul Edochie who damned his colleagues has captured the attention of many, shedding light on the complexities of their relationships within the entertainment industry.

In reaction, demicarefoundation wrote: “This man actually his legal wife and children , ditched a grieving mom over a woman he had extra marital affairs with . And he is doing it wholeheartedly. Ojo Ale re lo fin sere ! You are playing with your old age and it’s sad to watch”

pacesetterjoshuaominuta said: “Your former friend said you’re owning her 1 million Naira…. You can come and borrow 2 million Naira loan from us. Thank YOu”

splash_beautie_world wrote: “Tell ur milk industry ijele to kindly come n pay sarah her 1 million ijele when day borrow is that an ijele … radrada”

i.h.a.teith.e.e21 wrote: “Any man who goes the extra mile to prove the other woman is better than the last one is truly not happy. Those who have to show and prove are the most unhappy in their relationship, becoz those who are truly happy don’t have to show and prove.”

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