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VIDEO: Moment Arise TV Anchor Rufai Oseni Clashed With Guest



Arise TV presenter Rufai Oseni, on Thursday, clashed with a studio guest, Jesutega Onokpasa, on air over a remark made to another guest, James Ezike.

Oseni had demanded an apology from Onokpasa for berating Ezike for questioning the integrity of the judges that upheld the right to return President Bola Tinubu as duly elected by a majority of lawful votes cast.

Ezika, a constitutional and commercial lawyer questioned the reasons given by the judges for dismissing the petitions filed against the emergence of Tinubu as the winner of the 2023 polls.

Irked by Ezika’s comment, Onokpasa expressed disappointment, saying “if he was that great a lawyer, maybe he will be a Supreme court judge. It is highly unfit of him to impugn the integrity of their lordships”

Taking aback by the statement, Rufai interjected and asked Onokpasa to take his words back and apologize to his colleague.

Rufai held that it was wrong for Onokpasa to attack another guest in a condescending manner on the show.

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‘’I think you should take that back. You shouldn’t have attacked him personally. You can’t do that to a fellow guest. Take that back with due respect,” Rufai said.

Onokpasa, however, insisted he would not take his words back as he would not condole disrespect against the Nigerian supreme court justices.

‘’I am a lawyer. I will not stand any lawyer insulting the justices of the Supreme Court. I said I will not take it back young man,” he said.

See video below;

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