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Pastor Charges Christians To Puruse The Promise, Not His Promises

By GWG Religion Editor



Christians in Nigeria have been charged to seek the Promise that is Jesus Christ Himself, rather than going after the promises as many are wont to.

Pastor Bunmi Ladipo gave the charge on Sunday in a message at the Hospital Chapel, National Hospital, Abuja as he made an exposition on the unlimited grace in Christ that has been given by Jesus, The Christ to all those who take Him as the foundation of their faith.

In a message from the topic “Whatsoever ye ask in prayer’ taken from the broader theme of the quarter “Great Faith” Dr Ladipo, who based his message from Matthew 21:22, drew his audience to the unlimited grace bequeathed on those who have Jesus.

Dr Bunmi Oladipo: Your identity in heaven must match your identity on earth to cash God’s cheque

Noting with irony the pursuit of the promises by many in the Nigerian Church he based their pursuit on the socio-economic situation in the country that has led many to pray for those things that in other countries are readily available. That situation in Nigeria, he rued, is further beset by the worship of God’s servants, a situation that has derailed some Christians from the focus on Jesus.

In a graphic demonstration of the inheritance of the saints, Dr Ladipo, a gynecologist, illustrated his message with a blank cheque just as he drew two bankers in the congregation to amplify the importance of every label on a bank cheque.

First, he observed that every cheque must be signed. According to him, the signature in the cheque given to Christians has no problem of irregular signature as it is signed by Jesus Christ, simply as JC and accentuated by His Blood.

According to the preacher, the amount to be drawn on the blank cheque issued by Jesus depends on the faith of the individual. “It is your faith that will determine what you write on it,” the preacher said in an exposition that people can only get liberation through knowledge.

He further noted the need to cash the cheque at the appropriate bank. He noted with irony that many have gone to the wrong places to cash the riches that they have in Christ saying “many are fixated on the wrong places.” With the bankers concurring, he said that an individual cannot go and cash the cheque issued by one bank at another bank.

He thus enjoined the congregation to go to the Bank of Heaven to cash their cheques as directed in Ephesians 1:3.

The preacher also gave fillip to the matter of date. With the bankers concurring, he said that if a cheque is postdated that it would not be honoured, a lesson that again drew the virtue of patience and waiting on God for the appointed time.

Concluding on his message, the preacher emphasized what some regarded aa perhaps the most important focus on a cheque, which is the matter of identity.

“Until you establish your identity in Christ you may not be able to write your name on the cheque,” he said.

Stressing that point, he added “the identity in heaven must match with the identity of the payee. You cannot have a different identity in heaven from that you present,” the preacher slammed in a rebuke to Christians within and outside Nigeria who live double lives.

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