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Is Davido Correct To Accept Hero Worship From Israel DMW? Nigerians React



The recent revelation of the marital struggles faced by Israel DMW, the logistics manager to music star Davido, has sparked discussions among netizens and celebrities as to hero worship.

Many have taken to social media to express their views on the perceived cause of the breakup, pointing to Israel DMW’s intense idolization of Davido.

Netizens argue that Israel’s level of devotion to Davido, often displayed through prostrations and acts of hero worship may have played a role in his marital issues. Insults and criticisms have been directed at Israel, with some suggesting that no woman would appreciate seeing her husband idolize another person to such an extent.

The central question emerging from these discussions is whether Davido will continue to allow Israel DMW to idolize him in the same manner. As opinions vary on the impact of such idolization on personal relationships, it raises curiosity about how Davido perceives and responds to Israel’s unwavering admiration. reports that while Israel’s ex-wife cites discomfort with his idolization of Davido as a key factor in their breakup, influencer Dan Festus supports her perspective, emphasizing the challenges of being in the shadow of another man.

Renowned musician Seun Kuti added another layer to the controversy, drawing attention to the common subservient behavior of Nigerian celebrities towards politicians. Seun suggested that Israel DMW’s loyalty and hero worship of Davido may have crossed boundaries, contributing to the strain in his marriage.

As the public awaits Davido’s response, the lingering question is whether he will address the allegations and consider modifying the dynamics of his relationship with Israel DMW. Will Davido continue to allow Israel to idolize him in a manner that allegedly impacts his personal life, or will there be a shift in their professional and personal dynamics? The silence from Davido leaves room for speculation and anticipation regarding the future of their association.
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