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Why I Was Happy Tinubu Increased Fuel Price – Buhari



Former President Muhammadu Buhari expressed his contentment with the decision made by incumbent President Bola Tinubu to increase the petrol pump price on May 29, 2023.

Speaking as the special guest of honour at the inaugural Katsina Dialogue organized by the Katsina Consultative Forum, held at the Presidential Banquet Hall of the Katsina Government House, Buhari shared his perspective on the potential impact of the fuel price hike.

In his address delivered in Hausa on Sunday, Buhari revealed that upon his return to Daura, his native town in Katsina State, he experienced a significant influx of visitors. However, with Tinubu’s move to raise fuel prices, the former president expressed joy, anticipating that the decision might lead to a decrease in the frequency of visits.

Beyond the discussion on petrol prices, Buhari also addressed the pressing issue of drug abuse in Katsina State. He stressed the importance of confronting this challenge head-on, emphasizing that protecting the well-being of the youth is crucial for the nation’s future. Buhari called for a united and decisive effort to combat drug abuse, recognizing its potential to undermine the capabilities of both present and future generations.

The event, attended by Hadi Sirika, the immediate-past minister of aviation and aerospace development, served as a platform for substantive discussions on critical issues affecting the region. The topics ranged from economic policies to societal challenges, providing a comprehensive overview of the concerns and priorities within the community. As the inaugural edition of the Katsina Dialogue, it set the stage for future engagements and collaborative efforts to address the evolving needs of the people.

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