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Regina Daniels Takes New Identity!



Nollywood actress Regina Daniels has made a significant change in her public persona by officially adopting her husband Ned Nwoko’s surname as her new identity.

After almost five years of marriage, the actress, who previously retained her maiden name “Daniels,” has now updated her Instagram bio to include her husband’s surname.

To mark the New Year and the change in idenity, Regina Daniels introduced herself as “Regina Daniels Nneamaka Nwoko.” The addition of “Nneamaka” suggests a new dimension to her identity. Reflecting on the past year, she shared a post expressing gratitude for overcoming challenges and hinted at exciting developments in 2024.

Besides the new identity, Regina Daniels also mentioned her attempt at a lively December but revealed that her old self couldn’t handle it, leading to falling sick after one night. Additionally, she teased her fans about something significant coming their way and shared the difficulty she faced in selecting two fans for a special outreach.

“2023 I went, saw, and overcame? 2024 I’m ready. After much difficulty, I selected two persons…But don’t worry guys, something else is coming. The name will now be Regina Daniels Nneamaka Nwoko.”

See her post below;

The actress’s decision to fully embrace her husband’s surname has sparked discussions among fans and followers, adding a fresh element to her public image.
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