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Man Ties The Knot With Girlfriend Harvested From Free Midnight Call Days, Tells His Love Story



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In a heartwarming love story, Philip Enyinnaya, a Nigerian man, has celebrated his marriage to his longtime girlfriend, whom he first connected with during the era of free midnight calls.

Philip shared the news on Twitter, responding to a nostalgic post about the Xtracool days provided by the telecoms firm.

The original tweet reminisced about the Xtracool days with the caption, “MTN served us well 😂😆 Xtracool days — where is the person you did Xtracool with?? 😭 😭”

Taking a trip down memory lane, Philip revealed that the person he engaged in plenty of midnight calls with is now his life partner. Accompanying the announcement was a photo from their wedding day, capturing the joyous moment.

“The person I did MTN xtracool and plenty midnight calls with is now my wife,” shared Philip, highlighting how a simple connection through telecommunications transformed into a lifelong commitment.

This heartwarming love story resonates with many who have experienced the evolution of relationships from the days of communication constraints to the celebration of enduring love and companionship.
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