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Shock As Mother Breastfeeds Groom Moments Before Vows (Video)



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In a tale that defies all expectations, a bride has shared her extraordinary wedding day experience, leaving social media users stunned and intrigued. The jaw-dropping revelation unfolded during a podcast episode titled “The Unfiltered Bride,” hosted by Georgie and co-hosted by Beth Smith.

The unnamed bride recounted her surreal discovery just moments before exchanging vows with her groom. While using the restroom, she stumbled upon a scene that defied comprehension: her groom being breastfed by his own mother.

Watch the video below;

The podcast hosts, Georgie and Beth Smith, delved into the details of the shocking encounter, leaving listeners astounded. Speculation initially swirled around potential scenarios, including infidelity or drug use. However, the truth surpassed all conjecture as it was revealed that the groom was indeed engaged in an intimate act with his mother, being breastfed moments before the ceremony.

The bizarre incident, shared on social media, has sparked a wave of reactions, with users grappling to comprehend the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the wedding day revelation.

Read some netizens reactions below;

@Pip2035334:Took “mummy’s boy” to a whole new level 😭😭😭

@Ell:I know someone who was at this wedding!!

@Leeny:How is having a wank worse than being cheated on 😂😂😂

@Jess:there’s a wedding photographer on here that told this story, but she was the one who saw it in the grooms room & told the bride 🤔

@the.unfiltered.bride:It’s happened more than once if you Google, it’s an old tradition in some cultures. this story is known in the UK from suppliers we know 😳
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