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Kidnappers Of Ekiti Pupils, Teachers Demands N100m Ransom



Ekiti Pupils and

The kidnappers who abducted a group of school pupils traveling in Emure-Ekiti, Ekiti State have brazenly demanded a N100 million ransom for the safe release of the innocent victims.

This heart-wrenching development has cast a dark shadow over the community, leaving residents in a state of fear and confusion.

The abductors swiftly transported their captives into the depths of a dense forest, adding to the nightmare for the victims and their families. The kidnappers have callously issued threats, heightening the urgency of securing the demanded ransom for the safe return of the hostages.

Unsurprisingly, the parents of the kidnapped children have erupted in anguish and despair. Their collective plea is a desperate cry for help directed at both the state and federal governments, as well as security agencies. The community is now in dire need of swift and decisive intervention to ensure the safe and immediate return of their beloved children.

The traumatic incident has not only left the families shattered but has also sparked widespread concern and condemnation. The safety and well-being of schoolchildren have been thrust into the spotlight, emphasizing the urgency of reinforcing security measures and implementing proactive strategies to prevent such heinous acts in the future.

As the community grapples with this alarming situation, the collective hope is that authorities will respond swiftly and decisively to bring an end to the nightmare endured by the innocent victims and their families. The demand for a substantial ransom adds another layer of complexity to the already challenging task of securing the release of the abducted individuals, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the critical need for urgent action.

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