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Nigerian Men Resort To Sperm Donation To Beat Hard Times



More than 200 Nigerian men have reportedly expressed their interest in sperm donation after Benue humanitarian, Ukan Kurugh, issued a call for donors, offering a financial reward of N900,000.

The announcement for sperm donation, made on Thursday, February 1, has garnered significant attention, highlighting the extent to which many Nigerian men are willing to go to secure financial stability amidst the current economic challenges.

Ukan Kurugh, known for his humanitarian efforts, expressed surprise and concern about the overwhelming response, emphasizing the economic hardships faced by people in the country. He acknowledged the unfortunate reality that individuals are resorting to unconventional means, such as sperm donation, to make ends meet in the harsh economic conditions.

In a post on Friday, Kurugh remarked, “It’s obvious that people are suffering in this country and will do anything to get money. The post I made about sperm donation has filled my inbox with over 210 people waiting for address/location. When women are donating eggs, it’s the men that usually come hard on them, but men are gradually taking over.”

See his post below;

The willingness to partake in sperm donation reflects the desperate measures many Nigerian men are willing to take, shedding light on the economic struggles prevalent in Nigeria. The story underscores the impact of the challenging economic climate on individuals and the lengths they are willing to go to navigate financial difficulties
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