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Ondo 2024: l’m Better Than Aiyedatiwa, Others – Faduyile Declares



Faduyile more than better

Former National President of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Prof Adedayo Faduyile, has officially thrown his hat into the ring for the Ondo state governorship race, signaling a bold entry into the political arena with a resolute aim to emerge victorious.

Speaking in Akure, the state capital, Prof Faduyile, a distinguished professor of medicine, asserted his superiority over all other contenders, including Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa. With unwavering determination, he made it clear that his aspiration is not to engage in negotiations but to secure a decisive victory.

“As a professor of medicine, my credentials speak volumes. I have earned my position through merit, not through political maneuvering. I am not here to engage in fruitless negotiations; I am here to win,” Prof Faduyile declared emphatically.

Reflecting on his past endeavors, Prof Faduyile recounted his previous bid for the governorship in 2020, where he demonstrated his mettle by contesting against the incumbent. Despite ultimately aligning with the incumbent due to zoning agreements, Prof Faduyile’s resolve remained steadfast.

Now, with circumstances shifting and the opportunity presenting itself once more, Prof Faduyile sees no reason to shy away from the challenge. His unwavering confidence in his abilities, coupled with a strong belief in divine providence, fuels his determination to pursue his ambition.

Acknowledging the formidable task of challenging the incumbent Ondo State governor, Prof Faduyile emphasized the need for relentless effort and dedication. While extending well wishes to Governor Aiyedatiwa, he asserted his superiority in various aspects, confidently asserting that he is better positioned to lead the state.

Detailing his vision for the state, Prof Faduyile outlined a comprehensive agenda aimed at addressing critical issues affecting the people of Ondo State. From healthcare and education to infrastructure and renewable energy, his plan encompasses a wide array of initiatives aimed at propelling the state forward.

Expressing his commitment to grassroots engagement and inclusive governance, Prof Faduyile pledged to listen attentively to the concerns of all citizens, irrespective of their backgrounds or locations within the state. Faduyile said his vision for a modern, progressive Ondo State resonates with the aspirations of its diverse population.

Regarding the selection of the party’s flagbearer through primary elections, Prof Faduyile expressed readiness to abide by the decision of the party leadership on the candidate for Ondo State. Whether through consensus, indirect primaries, or direct primaries, he affirmed his preparedness to compete vigorously and emerge victorious.

In closing, Prof Faduyile extended an invitation to the people of Ondo State to join him on this transformative journey, emphasizing the potential for a new era of prosperity and opportunity under his leadership. With a renewed sense of purpose and a clear vision for the future, he stands ready to usher in a new dawn for Ondo State.

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